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Yesterday with the Wildside Band

So yesterday was the end of the year summer practices, pretty much for our Junior High Bands - WILDSIDE. Almost every wednesday of the summer the Wildside band would practice 1-5 to get ready for the school year. So we kinda had a end of the year hang out day to appreciate them. We took them to Chuckie Cheese (There was an all you can eat pizza buffet) and played some games and won about 2000 tickets. Then we went to this place called Cherry on Top, where you get your own Yougurt and put your own toppings and then they charge you 32 cents and ounce. Then we went to the General's house and went swimming and played scum. However, i think the highlight of it all was, we all came back inside the house to watch TV, and we ending up watching on Tivo Ninja Warrior. How cool would that be to have at your youth ministry. A Ninja Gaunlet. Ya i am Asian.


Kayla.Rae said...

The best part about Ninja Warrior, it that it has subtitles!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They need to put these in the student zone