"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


3:00 am in the Morning

So i haven't really Blogged much because my Wife and Daughter just got back into town on Thursday and so we have been hanging, eating, playing, shopping for food, watching movies at home, and etc for the past couple of days. However, i am bringing you a blog 3:30am in the morning. Why you ask? My poor wife is jet-laged and my poor baby is jet-lagged, but my Swiss miss went back to sleep, but not my baby. They are on a schedule that puts them still 9 hours ahead of the west coast time here in Cali. So i am up writing a blog while she plays in her Exersaucer. Let me just say what an invention!!! Check It?

So as i write this blog i am thinking what if they made and Exersaucer for ME!! First i thinking how big would that be!!! What if i had my own personal Exersaucer what would i want on it. First i would call it my Lazysaucer and this is what i would have around it to play with or do.

Just imaging my LazySaucer
1) A Mac computer with Internet
2) A Rice Cooker and Microwave
3) Xbox
4) A piano
5) Refrigerator
6) I would have it transform in to a helicopter so i wouldn't have to get out of it and i could just fly anywhere
7) A Grill
8) Some way to go to the bathroom
9) A continuous TV that plays anything i want at the sound of my command
10) And Blow Dryer that you see at Hair Salons that go over your head, Why? No Reason.

What would you put in your Exersaucer or "Lazysaucer"?

Ya 3:00am in the morning Philipino


poncho said...

Hm, it seems like you would never get bored in your Lazysaucer. That is a clever invention for a baby....But I have a feeling that my Lazysaucer would be so increadibly large that it could almost be considered my room...

Angerson said...

I like the fact that I would be 'Flinstoning' my way around the room...since it's not really walking or driving...

kaylarayla said...

I think I would have a LazySaucer Delux, complete with anything you could ever want!

stoop.la.poop said...

Lazysaucer..hmm...i'd buy it (:

Anonymous said...

I like it!