"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


My Wife's Request Today

My Sue's request was to watch all four DVD's of Harry Potter. We got through 2 of them, but during the 3rd one she fell asleep. I realized that while i was watching the Second Harry Potter i realized i hated this Harry Potter, why SPIDERS, i hate them. I truly believe in heaven there will be no spiders. HATE them i tell you, Hate them.

Anyways, i think still though my favorite Character in Harry Potter is Luna Lovegood, but a really close 2nd is Snape. In all the Harry Potter Snape is characterized as a Bad dude of some kind, but he's not. I think its more the Actor of Snape does such an awesome job.

Philipino Potter


kaylarayla said...

Oh, Harry Potter, how I love you. Taffy, I do expect you to watch all of the movies, and maybe even read all of the books if you feel so lead.

Droopy's said...

I'm just not a reader for Fictional books, but i, with ease, can watch them as a movie. Besides everyone always says the book is better, how about i never read the book and i will never be dissappointed.


Anonymous said...

i know snape is a hero in the end and all, i just dont like him... maybe its just me

chase said...

great movies!!

Elise B. said...

Love Harry Potter!

Please read the books, because in my opinion the movies suck compared to the books.

Josh Peters said...

you two RULE!