"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1



My favorite College Team lost to Kentucky in its bowl, however, it was still 2007 in the US. So the year has not begun yet, but it just sucks to end the year like that HAHAHAH. I think this is the first year i have really been disappointed in FSU. No matter still i have been a FSU fan since i was in 7th grader and besides baseball is around the corner.

I am moron Philpino

OOO another Top 10

Ali - my top 10 favorite pictures of this year

Goodbye 2007 Philipino

2 More Shout Outs to Top 10's

Pinata - Favorite TV Shows I Started Watching In 2007

Hair - Top 10-Stupid Bryce Moments (with comments by bryce!)

Its 2 in the morning in Switzerland and i still ain't asleep. Happy New Year!!!

Yes 2008 Philipino


YUP is already the new year here in SWITZERLAND!!!

Beat you all to it!!!

2008 is going to be AWESOME!!!

Philipino Pinoy

And More Top 10's

One of the Creative Commisioners Ever - The top 10 most played songs on my Itunes were…

Lady OOOOO YAAAA - Top 10 reasons I don't have time to be creative with Taffy's Top 10.

I love Top 10's Philipino's

More Shout Outs for doing Top 10 2007

Ryan Wil - Top 10 Youtube Videos

Cathi - Top 10 of 2007

Sensai Josh - 2 Top 10's Politcal Something and Ministry Life

oo7 - Top 10 of other people's Pic

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Top 10's that have been posted

So far these are the people who really love the LORD!!! JK JK somewhat!!!

Alice - 2 Top 10's Chocolate Milk Deal and things that might cause cancer

The Sheep - Top 10 Numbers

Scwibbly's Sister - Top 10 Feeling all grown up

The youngest of the Canadian's - Top 10 Random canadian things

10 Philipino's

Top 10 Songs of 2007 Played in HSM or WIldside

10 - All in this Together (High School Musical)
9 - Dancing Generation (Matt Redman)
8 - Fire Fall Down (Hillsong United)
7 - Take it All (Hillsong United)
6 - Yes You Have (Leeland)
5 - You Never Let Go (Matt Redman)
4 - Came to my Rescue (Hillsong United)
3 - Grace (Phil Wickham)
2 - From the Inside Out (Hillsong United) Our Style with just Violin
1 - TIE: Savior King and Hosanna (Both Hillsong United)

I am Asian who loves Hillsong United Songs Philipino

My Top 10 of 2007

10 - Leading Worship with the Students in Big Church
and at the Worship Conference.
9 - My New 72 Thinline Guitar and Orange Tiny Terror and 12 Cab (Presents from my In-Laws)

8 - Our New Small Group (Who by the way are all pregnant including the guys)

7 - All the Bands this Year in HSM and WILDSIDE!!!

6 - FUEL Nov 26th

5 - All Alumni Droopy's Hanging out

4 - Droopy's 06 - Goodwill Hunting, Rocklette with the Boys, Summer Camp, Video Scavenger hunt, Halloween Costume Party, Fall Retreat, Albertaco Run, and ETC.

3 - My Team - Autie Ray Ray and Uncle Doe

2 - Hanging Out at the McGill's Nearly Every Sunday Night.
mmmm mmmmm Oggi Sticks
(You know invinting everyone over and then leaving early)

1 - A 3 way tie for 1st - My Beautiful Wife. My baby Lea Being Born. And my Parents visiting California and seeing there APO ( APO: means grandchild in Philipino).

Top 10 Philipino's


Post your Top 10 of 2007

OKAY if you just read this post, you are now obligated to write a top 10 list of 2007 from the suggested list below:
(Option) If you have pics to go with them or Videos, post them.

You have till Dec 31st - Get it done, its not like your doing anything right now your on vacation!!!

Winners of the Best Top List, if i read them will get Chicken Adobo and Rice.

Here are Top 10 idea's:
Top 10 highlights of the year (i am working on this one)
Top 10 People in your life this past year and why

Top 10 Websites and why (Please add Links)

Top 10 of pics you took or from someone else camera

Top 10 favorite philipino's

Top 10 ministry moments

Top 10 You learned this Past Year

Top 10 Pics of Lea

Top 10 Faviorite Numbers (This is for Lazy people)

Top 10 (you make it up)

This is just a picture of Lea just because she is Cute!!!

Top 10 Philipino Stupidness


Christmas Videos


German Philpino

Baby Bath Lea

So this video is a week late, but who cares, just watch and you won't worry once you see how cute my baby is.

Swimming Swissalino Philipino

Prayer for 2008

Here is a prayer blog i blogged back in July. I know that some of you are prayer warriors or would like to be, but here is a way to pray for family, friends, and so on. Prayer is power in our lives so don't take it for granted and remember to go to GOD in reverance. Next time you see me ask me and i will show you in person because i don't know how to explain on a blog.


Pray Pray Pray
This next year is going to be AWESOME!!!

I am Philipino who needs prayer

Lea as Rudolph taking a Bath

Ha this was a week ago, but hey what can i say she is CUTE!!!!

Philipino Philipino

Merry Late Christmas

So we flew to Switzerland on Christmas Eve, which was great because we pretty much walked through the airport without any lines. We got to Switzerland on Christmas Day and celebrated Christmas here. Its awesome because the Swiss not only celebrate Christmas on 24 and 25th but also on the 26th. Anyways here are some photo's and i will post the videos once i get uploaded on youtube.

On there Christmas tree's they put real candles!!!!

Just opening some presents!!!

Just a new sweatshirts we wanted to show off!!!!

Christmas Day around 4 in the afternoon.

Christmas Day around 4:15 afternoon.
Ya i know that much snow but it was cool to see it come down for about 15 minutes.

I am Philipino


Hanging out at McGill's

Just hanging at one of the greatest families ever, the McGill's, Matt and Mish are like our older siblings who take care of us, anyways i playing with their Mac with the boys.

First Family Pic

Hear no evil - See No evil - Speak No Evil

Oh ya i was wearing my glasses because my contacts were giving me a headache.

Only if we had Twins that were Connected at the HEAD!!

Yup Yup Philipino


This will put in the Christmas Spirit

Still one of my most favorite videos at HSM!!!

Christmas Sick Philipino

This is what you do when your sick BLOG!!!

Lea hanging out wearing Mama's Beenie
and know this is my Little Drummer

Lea Just Hanging and Looking like an Elf

Lea and Sae at Lyss's B-day Party

Lea With Mama P at Alyssa's B-day

Lea with Alyssa at her B-day and JAKE

Lea Just Awesome

I love my Little Girl Philipino

Gospel Version of Dancing Generation

What if we did Dancing Generation like this?

OldSkool Gospel Philipino

Perfect Posture Head Swiss-a-lino


Rough Couple of Days

So most of you know that i have had a brief Stomach Virus for about 3 weeks, and how i mentioned, nothing solid. Because of my stomach virus my doctor told me to only eat bland foods (Rice, pasta, bananas, and crackers). to settle it down. And so i did that, however, it triggered my Gout because i didn't eat enough calories, so it messed up uric acid and cause gout to trigger. Don't worry its not contagious, but it is hereditary and i got it from my Dads side of the family.

Here you can see how my right ankle and pretty much my whole foot has swollen. Let me explain the pain a little, its like spraining an ankle, however the pain doesn't go away. I have to take some prescribed medicine which really make me dizzy, droopy, and drowsy, and those who have ever talked to me while under the influence of my gout pills know its pretty funny, because i am all over the place.

Not only that, but to add on to my stomach virus and my gout, but i got hit with, what my wife and i call "THE FLORIDA HEADACHE". This was the worse headache of my life, it lasted for 3 days straight and it was brutal and this happened about 3 years ago. So every time i would get a headache i would freak out, because my wife would always ask, do you a FLORIDA HEADACHE. Well i got one again. My doctor said it was do to stress and a lack of sleep. My headache was so terrible last Sunday when i went to Red Robin i only had one bite of my chicken sandwich and i was done because i thought i was going to hurl. And you know i am a sick if i can't even eat.

Yup so i have been in bed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this week because of all this fun stuff.

Mom your probably reading this, i am okay, i am just excited about a lot of things going on and i think because of my lack of sleep that i triggered my body stress and this triggered my stomach, my gout, and my headache.

Gout, Stomach Virus, Florida Headache Philipino


Latest Video Entries of Our Baby



Philipino Rice


Where Have I Been Someone Asked

2 Monday's Ago Fuel, i forgot to mention that i caught a stomach virus. I don't know if it was the day before or the morning of. All i know is that i took a couple of Gout pills the night before and i was hurting the rest of the week. I went to the doctors on Tuesday morning and he said pretty much i either caught a stomach virus or it was just stress pretty much, either way its been a crazy past 2 weeks. Anyways, i have pooped nothing solid for about 2 weeks, oh wait i am lieing, i pooped solid every other time for that past 2 days, so it is going away. However, i am still pooping every 3-4 hours. Wish i had seen your reaction as you were reading that. Anyways i am not going to apologize for not blogging, my stomach hurts.

Stomach Virus Philipino