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Where Have I Been Someone Asked

2 Monday's Ago Fuel, i forgot to mention that i caught a stomach virus. I don't know if it was the day before or the morning of. All i know is that i took a couple of Gout pills the night before and i was hurting the rest of the week. I went to the doctors on Tuesday morning and he said pretty much i either caught a stomach virus or it was just stress pretty much, either way its been a crazy past 2 weeks. Anyways, i have pooped nothing solid for about 2 weeks, oh wait i am lieing, i pooped solid every other time for that past 2 days, so it is going away. However, i am still pooping every 3-4 hours. Wish i had seen your reaction as you were reading that. Anyways i am not going to apologize for not blogging, my stomach hurts.

Stomach Virus Philipino


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Zach Zeiger said...

my reaction wass pretty funny.

praying for ya taff