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Rough Couple of Days

So most of you know that i have had a brief Stomach Virus for about 3 weeks, and how i mentioned, nothing solid. Because of my stomach virus my doctor told me to only eat bland foods (Rice, pasta, bananas, and crackers). to settle it down. And so i did that, however, it triggered my Gout because i didn't eat enough calories, so it messed up uric acid and cause gout to trigger. Don't worry its not contagious, but it is hereditary and i got it from my Dads side of the family.

Here you can see how my right ankle and pretty much my whole foot has swollen. Let me explain the pain a little, its like spraining an ankle, however the pain doesn't go away. I have to take some prescribed medicine which really make me dizzy, droopy, and drowsy, and those who have ever talked to me while under the influence of my gout pills know its pretty funny, because i am all over the place.

Not only that, but to add on to my stomach virus and my gout, but i got hit with, what my wife and i call "THE FLORIDA HEADACHE". This was the worse headache of my life, it lasted for 3 days straight and it was brutal and this happened about 3 years ago. So every time i would get a headache i would freak out, because my wife would always ask, do you a FLORIDA HEADACHE. Well i got one again. My doctor said it was do to stress and a lack of sleep. My headache was so terrible last Sunday when i went to Red Robin i only had one bite of my chicken sandwich and i was done because i thought i was going to hurl. And you know i am a sick if i can't even eat.

Yup so i have been in bed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this week because of all this fun stuff.

Mom your probably reading this, i am okay, i am just excited about a lot of things going on and i think because of my lack of sleep that i triggered my body stress and this triggered my stomach, my gout, and my headache.

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Anonymous said...

Nasty! Hopr you fell better.


Anonymous said...

I meant hopE.

Maxdoggie said...

i hope that u feel better.