"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


HSM Band Hang Out Day

HSM Band Appreciation day: So today we went bowling for about an hour, ate at Ruby's, then went to Cherry on top. Nothing spectacular, but the the relationships that were built and the time just to hang out with out and not having to worry about music, sound check, tuned, vocals, what is BO doing, where is Carson, form of music, students not over playing, what in the world is BO doing now, taking notes, etc etc etc. Anyways some pics for fun, i think we were missing like half the sudents today though.





Bowling + Taffy=Not a fun Philipino


My little Lea is Ready!!!

Dream game to go to: FSU vs. UF at FSU one day.


Lots of Birthday's this week!!!

These are the Birthday's that i know of this week.

Ali Ali - I think she turn 7
Flotch - i think he just turn 2344
Machew - One Crazy Philipino - just turned around the corner
Domimik - THE GERMAN!!!! - will turn 3948948 tomorrow
BUFFaLO - just turned even more awesome!!!!
Queen's little girl is turning 3948629368493048629384679238469238469238469238469

Yup those are the one i know of this week. Happy Stinkin Birthday!!!!

My Birthday is Every Thursday Philipino

My Car Needs Prayer

So my muffler is falling off my car. My poor 1991 volvo. I LOVE THIS CAR. I just had to show you right now that bungie chords are holding my muffler up. LOL... So i posted what my car looks like right now and i posted my dream car.

That's Dominik, he is from Germany and he is on my staff and he has been drving my car.
How ironic that a German is driving a german car. Ya i am Idiot.

Ha you probably thought it was like a sport SUV or A3 Audi, however, i like those cars a lot, NOPE, my dream car a 15 passenger Cheverlet 2007 or 2008 van that i could haul my family, friends, droopy's, band students, students, and music equipment all at the same time. Even better a 15 passenger van that was HYBRID, because man those things eat up a lot of gas, but they don't make those yet. Anyways, one day.

Broken Muffler Philipino

Yesterday with the Wildside Band

So yesterday was the end of the year summer practices, pretty much for our Junior High Bands - WILDSIDE. Almost every wednesday of the summer the Wildside band would practice 1-5 to get ready for the school year. So we kinda had a end of the year hang out day to appreciate them. We took them to Chuckie Cheese (There was an all you can eat pizza buffet) and played some games and won about 2000 tickets. Then we went to this place called Cherry on Top, where you get your own Yougurt and put your own toppings and then they charge you 32 cents and ounce. Then we went to the General's house and went swimming and played scum. However, i think the highlight of it all was, we all came back inside the house to watch TV, and we ending up watching on Tivo Ninja Warrior. How cool would that be to have at your youth ministry. A Ninja Gaunlet. Ya i am Asian.


Goodwill Hunting with the Droopy's

So here is what we did last night with the Droopy's We told all the Droopy's to bring $20 bucks for the night, starting at 6:00pm. We all met at the church and hung out for about 20 minutes. Then we gathered them all up and had them put their names on a piece of paper and placed them in a bowl. Then each person drew a name. Whatever person they drew, they were to spend $10 dollars at Goodwill and would dress them up with the clothes that they bought. Then we went to the Spectrum Mall, parked on the other side of the Mall and walked all the way over to the food court and had a dinner. HHHAAAA the looks of people were awesome!!!

Here was the funny thing, it ended up being a great oppotunity to invite people to church in wierd way. People were wondering what in the world was going on and told them that these were two small groups from church just hanging out and being "silly", i mean that in a manly way. There were a good number of people who asked and said that looks fun i wish i could do that. So it was an easy transitions saying, hey you should get involved, come to church and check it out, however, i did say we don't usually dress like this at church.

And so it was a sweet night for the the Droopy's of just hanging out and building connection. So that's what we did, vote for best dress up. The person who bought the clothes wins, not the one who wore them.

Before Pictures of Black and Gold Droopy's

Before Pictures of Black and White Droopy's

After pictures of all Droopy's Dress-Up

While waiting for Taffy to finish eating the Droopy's decided to play Silent Football in the middle of teh Spectrum.
If you don't know Silent Football You haven't Lived.

Okay so here are the Top 4 Pictures in which You get to vote!!!
Now there were alot of Droopy Dudes dressed in Girl Clothing so i only picked 1 with Girl clothing and pick more of the orginal creative dress ups.
I couldn't put all the Pictures up because some of there just to scary.

This Picture made it for Jord because while he was in the Bathroom he yelled out
"Crap, i can't get this dress off its too TIGHT!!!"

Peanut Head made it because her shirt was just plain ugly.
I still can't believe that someone once paid for that and wore it in real life.

Devon (Now known now as THE GENIE) looked like a genie from ALADDIN.

Well what can say aboout Paige except for look at the ugly cat on her sweater.

Okay so VOTE through the comments
Winner will receive a free dinner or lunch from The Sheep and I.

Goodwill Hunting Philipno


Lea's First Boyfriend

Lea and Morgan
Lea 6 months Old
Morgan only 7 weeks old

Swissalino Philipino


DROOPY's Goodwill Hunting

For the Droopy's
Check 06 Blog

Philipino Droopy


Summer 07 Band Hell Week

So here is what happened last week!!! Band Hell week. We have 7 HSM bands and 1 and half Wildside Band(s). Each band practice 1 day this past week for 8 hours.

It was a great 8 hours of connecting, jamming, growing together, praying together, building relationships, and a long Lunch. It was a great time for our leaders to lead there bands and build trust with one another and step up even more. It was Awesome!!! It wasn't awesome because of the music they practiced and put together, but the bands becoming more and more as a Band then as individual players.

Some people think i am crazy for having this hell week. however, the question is am I? Ha don't aswer that, but let me ask you this, why is when it comes to sports, musicals, extra curricular activities, and other clubs, and so on we never complain about the practices times, the commitments, the rules, and so on. But when it comes to the leading people to the throne of God at Church, we expect Grace for not coming to practice, coming late, or slacking because our mentality its, OH ITS JUST CHURCH. AHHHHHHHHH. I belive if we are going to truely prepare the hearts of these students we need to start preparing and equiping them now. They are not the future church, they are the Church right now. If we don't teach them to be responsible and be ahead of what is going on, then i believe the church will always be 3 to 4 years behind in what we do
Here are my wonderful bands and there band names that they come up with when we form the team at the beginning of June. AHH love Them!!!

Band Name: Wassup Baby Gull!!!

Band Name: Something Like Yipshaw

Band Name: Poultry Polution

Band Name: Sir DASOD and Lip Gloss Kids

Five O'Clock Shadow

Band Name: Papa Hester's Birdhouse Band

Band Name: WILDSID (Junior Highers)

Band Name: Jaudice

AHHHH LOVE these Kids
Philipino Philipino

Crazy Dream #10

So here was my dream: I dreamt that all the Droopy's of 06 were going to go and hang out and do an activity together. Well when everyone met at the Churchm for some reason everyone brought there Dogs, however, Jedi (AKA Luke) was skipping to meet us with his Wiener Dog that had a Fro Hawk. Not only that but it had bows on it ,but i can remember what colors they were. He had a big smile on his face and dropped the dog into the truck of my car and proceeded to get in the Car. Yup that was pretty much it, but i woke up laughing. Best of Show Philipino Taffy


HSM and Wildside Music August 25/26th

This week in HSM:

Student Lead
The Time has Come - Hillsong United
All Creatures - Hymn David Crowder Version
Holy is the Lord - Chris Tomlin
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown
Jesus Paid it All - Hymn Passion Version

I lead Wildside this weekend and the band was awesome!!!
From God Above - Hillsong United - Song was great for Wildside
Dancing Generation - Matt Redman
From The Inside Out - Hillsong United
Only You - David Crowder

MMMMM Worship God


Don't Apologize for Not Blogging

Okay just for thought: As i was sitting here i thinking oh i haven't blogged in a couple days. And i thought to myself why is it that when someone doesn't blog they feel like they have to explain themselves or apologize. Really think about that for a moment!!! What the crap? Do some people think that thier blog is the only blog being read or something. So i would like to say that i am not apologizing for not blogging, i have a wife, daughter, family, droopy's, band kids, ministry, and so on that i don't have to blog every moment. I mean don't get me wrong i like to blog, but i feel like what has this world come to. Are we too lazy to call a friend, drink tea together, or something like that, that we have to read their blogs just to keep with them. What a wierd world we live in that we can't keep up with normal conversations, email, in person, phone, skype, and so on. Anyways, i have no quarms in blogging, just its funny to me people apologize or something when they don't blog.

Blogging Phliipino


I'DeClair the Dessert

So the other day i went to Claim Jumper with some students to get some dessert, so i asked them what do you want to get? And Poncho said I have had the I'DeClair and it was good. So we got 1 to share for the 6 of us. Let me just say, that you should note to yourself, never let Pancho choose for food because i would like to declare that the I'DeClair was nasty. It was salty, it taseted like egg, and it was just nasty. I don't know what could have been worse, Lea's Poop or the I'DeClair. Anyways, don't get it, its a waste of money. However, everything else at Claim Jumper is awesome!!!

I'DeClair I am Philipino

Better than the Lemon

Okay so this time we feed her mashed up Carrots and my Lea facial expressions are awesome!!!!

Ha hahahhahaha Philpino

Crazy Dream #8

This was a short one, so here is what i dreamt: For those who didn't know, but on my staff i have a intern from Germany who is a incredible Musician and Vocalist. Not only that but he is only 20. Anyways, my dream was the The Chief was so amazed that he was so talented and so young that he kept coming up to everyone in the office for like 20 minutes straight in the dream saying to everyone "I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16,I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16,I can't believe he is only 16, I can't believe he is only 16". Amazaaaazzziingg.

By the way this was a 3:41 am post - because the baby was up for a half hour.

Wide Awake Philipino


My Dream Guitar

Actually this isn't my dream guitar, but how cool would it be if i used this guitar in Wildside or HSM or in Big Church to lead worship with. Okay i am just a moron, but philipino.

Dude Rocks a Monster Flying V Guitar

HHHAAAA Philipino


This Weekend in HSM and Wildside

Wildside - Dominik Led
Break Free - Hillsong United
Get Down - Audio A
Mighty To Save - Hillsong United
How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin
Awesome God - Rich Mullins

HSM - Taffy - Jade, Nikki A, and Taffy Led
Break Free - Hillsong United
Hosanna - Hillsong United
Face Down - Matt Redman
Savior King - Hillsong United

HU and MR Freak Philipino



So yesterday my wife and i finally had the chance to see HairSpray. WE BOTH HATED it!!! It was the dumbest movie ever, all the singing and everything, there were no Philipino's in it or Swiss people in it. I will be quite honest, I'm glad that we were given free movie tickets, because if i would have had to pay for it, i would have wished i never spent 16 dollars on a movie that was so lame!!! Anyways, Hairspray - big disappointment. I would give a -3 on my movie rating.

Oh ya one more comment about the movie, you probably read the comment above the picture and your thinking how much you loved this movie. Well actually my wife and i like alot, it had great comedy and the music behind was actually incredible. Gotcha Ya. So much that Sue laughed through the whole movie and when we left she said she wants to buy and i agreed.

Joker Philipino


Crazy Random Dream #8

So i dreamt this: I dreamt that i was being chased again, however, i can remember exactly what i was being chased by, but all i know is that within a split second of my dream, it turned into me helping Carson (AKA: Canada and Lead Singer of Son from Shadow) buy tennis shoes. Not just any tennis shoes, but girls Red Adidas. Not a long extensive dream, just Wierd.

Show Man Philipino


Lea's 1st Tastes of a Lemon

Lea's first taste of a Lemon didn't have that big of a reaction, but still cute and funny. Sue said that maybe when she can bite into it, it will then have the reaction i am looking for. We actually took some of the lemon juice and a little tea and fed it to her and she had a better reaction on the second video.

Lemon Head Philipino

Sue is BEE

Take the Transformers Quiz

The Sue

I am Optimus Prime

Take the Transformers Quiz

Tell me which one you are!!


Eats like her Father

Love my Princess

Again a Proud Philipino


Crazy Dream #7

I have had some other dreams recently, but i either forgot to post them or not worth posting, however, this is worth posting. So my dream last night, after all the poop fest from my daughter, i dreamt this: I dreamt that i was being chased by Decepticon Transformer Barricade

But this is the best thing i was driving a RED Duffel Bag in getting away from him, kinda like this:

It had a steering wheel, brakes, and everything. But it moved amazingly fast, it was unbelievable and comfortable in my dream. I think the weirdest thing is that I fit in the Duffel bag.

Philipino Bag Driver

Another 3:00am Cry from Lea

So about 3:00 am this morning my precious baby starts crying LOUDLY. So i picked her up and went to the rocking chair to calm her down, because mama was tired and it was my shift. 5 Minutes later about 3:05 i hear the beautiful sound of loud farting coming from my baby. However, it turned out to be this:

Yellow, wet, and smelly!!! Love my Princess. lol...

After cleaning her up then 15 minutes later she fell back asleep, however, i got hungry after all that so i cooked up 8 chicken nuggets from Trader Joes and some rice. And that was around 3:45am in the morning, what a morning. I finally went back to sleep around 5. Yup again what a morning.


Early Philipino


One of my Best Friends

Well like everywhere i have been there has been some kind of club or friendship or nickname that has identified who i am in that City or town or whatever. In Cali I believe i am associated with the C-Group Droopy's, HSM and Wildside Music Guy (The funny thing, I'm not even that good, its just the students i am in charge of are really awesomely good), and i think what i mostly known here in Cali for is the Droopy's. However, when i was a Student in College, Liberty University, i was part of some friends that kicked butt in Softball and Flag Football. We actually never won anything, but we always came in 3rd or 4th out of like 12-16 teams. We weren't bad just the other teams had greater talent, but we probably for sure had the most fun!!! I guarantee that. Our name alone for our Softball and Football Team were the Crazy Huevos!!! I am actually writing this blog because one of my best friends who is a Crazy Huevo, i just found out reads this blog and so i just wanted to give out a shout out to him. MATTY MATTY MATTY, this is a picture of some of the Crazy Huevos at his Wedding and some of the Crazy Huevos at mine. By coincidence in both pictures i have an arm around Matty. He is a youth pastor and Virgina for Junior High and he is awesome!!! Blue Ridge Community Church.

Who you hang out with in life will truly build your Character, help make choices, and Journey in life in making an impact for Christ!!!

A greatful Philipino

My Wife's Request Today

My Sue's request was to watch all four DVD's of Harry Potter. We got through 2 of them, but during the 3rd one she fell asleep. I realized that while i was watching the Second Harry Potter i realized i hated this Harry Potter, why SPIDERS, i hate them. I truly believe in heaven there will be no spiders. HATE them i tell you, Hate them.

Anyways, i think still though my favorite Character in Harry Potter is Luna Lovegood, but a really close 2nd is Snape. In all the Harry Potter Snape is characterized as a Bad dude of some kind, but he's not. I think its more the Actor of Snape does such an awesome job.

Philipino Potter

HSM and WIldside Music August 11/12

WILDSIDE (Junior High Ministry)
My Glorious - Delirious
The Time Has Come - Hillsong United

Hosanna - Hillsong United
Good insight on the name - Hosanna
You never let go - Matt Redman

Zack our High School worship leader gave me his set, but i left in my office so i will post it tomorrow when i get it.

Worship Music Philipino


3:00 am in the Morning

So i haven't really Blogged much because my Wife and Daughter just got back into town on Thursday and so we have been hanging, eating, playing, shopping for food, watching movies at home, and etc for the past couple of days. However, i am bringing you a blog 3:30am in the morning. Why you ask? My poor wife is jet-laged and my poor baby is jet-lagged, but my Swiss miss went back to sleep, but not my baby. They are on a schedule that puts them still 9 hours ahead of the west coast time here in Cali. So i am up writing a blog while she plays in her Exersaucer. Let me just say what an invention!!! Check It?

So as i write this blog i am thinking what if they made and Exersaucer for ME!! First i thinking how big would that be!!! What if i had my own personal Exersaucer what would i want on it. First i would call it my Lazysaucer and this is what i would have around it to play with or do.

Just imaging my LazySaucer
1) A Mac computer with Internet
2) A Rice Cooker and Microwave
3) Xbox
4) A piano
5) Refrigerator
6) I would have it transform in to a helicopter so i wouldn't have to get out of it and i could just fly anywhere
7) A Grill
8) Some way to go to the bathroom
9) A continuous TV that plays anything i want at the sound of my command
10) And Blow Dryer that you see at Hair Salons that go over your head, Why? No Reason.

What would you put in your Exersaucer or "Lazysaucer"?

Ya 3:00am in the morning Philipino


Aliens from Apple

So some Aliens responded to my blog by sending some pictures of them from the APPLE store. Their not Transformers, but they shur do look like Decepticons!!!

Skeptical Philipino


My Family Comes Home Today

I know alot of friends and students read this blog, please pray for Sue and Lea as they travel back from the Swiss Land today.

Family Missed Philipino


Droopy's Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt!!!

So this is probably one of the greatest nights of Droopy activities. However, the Highlight of the night were 2 Old Skool Droopy's who came for a couple of the activiites, SIR YES SIR and SPADOWSKI, both were 02 Droopy's and AWESOME peeps!!! LOVE THEM BOTH. Also we had another guest person, who if she would have fallen on the right year would have been Droopy in the day, but she was an off year, Sister StoopLaPoop.

I didn't blog last night because after the scavenger hunt almost everyone came over to play one game of Celebrity Game. Winners were Devo and Pinata, but first it was Pinata and Pancho, but Pancho left and Devo's Partner Tiny had to leave as well so Devo and Pinata teamed up, but Pancho and Pinata had a commanding lead before Pinata and Devo had teamed up.
However, i think my favorite team was Spadowski and Virus, you just had to be there, HYPER HYPER kid team up with I am way to cool for this Spadowski, but he is always like that in an awesome way. Then after we played poker till about 12:30 to see where everyone was going to sleep at my APT, then we went to Long Drugs to get Ice Cream. We purchased Ice Cream Sandwich Ice Cream, and it was gone in like 10 minutes. Then we came back and i pretty much fell asleep.
Anyways, here was the scavenger hunt and the winner for the NIGHT!!! There is some voting for the last picture.


Where: Mission Viejo Mall
How: Digital Camera
When: 6:00
Who: 1 Girl Droopy and 1 Guy Droopy to Team up for Awkwardness

What: Scavenger Hunt
Why: Because it would be fun

THE TEAMS: The girls drew the boys from a hat
Paige and Jedi
Tiny and Schibbly
Devo and Pinata
Pancho and Virus
Peanut Head and Roadrunner

Late Droopy Show ups through the Night: Cassidy, Refugee, and Buffalo (aka:Buffy)

Taffy will pair you up with someone

Time is not the factor here, but creativity of the picture

NO Running
If You get us kick out of the mall - You have to buy dessert for everyone else ( No one got caught)


1) Each person has to pose with different mannequins
2) Take a picture of Stoop and Sir Yes Sir with out noticing, who will be walking around the Mall 3) Take a picture with a Horse
4) A group photo from the APPLE Store and then send it to me via email

5) A Picture with a Piano

6) A picture of something that has to do with Transformers

7) Someone eating chocolate (IN HONOR OF MY WIFE)

8) Picture of someone pointing at some stranger with out them ever noticing
9) A picture that represents Sue

A picture that represents Alice

A picture that represents Sheep lord
A picture that represents Alyssa

A picture that represents Lacie

A picture that represents POLE!!!

10) A picture of a HAT of some kind

11) Elevator picture

12) Escalator picture

13) A picture of you all on the couches

14) A picture with a person who works in a Kiosk

Just so you know the pictures are pretty much in reverse order of the list and blurry:

14) Picture with the Kiosk Person


13) A picture of you all on the couches

3 Way Tie for Winner!!! Because of Awesome Poses

12) Escalator picture

Because they got both Peps in the Picture on the Escalator

11) Elevator picture

They got both peps in the picture
However, honorable mention to Roadrunner above because he looks like he is pooping

10) A picture of a HAT of some kind being worn

Do i need to say why?
Its obvious

9) A picture that represents Sue
A picture that represents Alice
A picture that represents Sheep lord
A picture that represents Alyssa
A picture that represents Lacie
A picture that represents POLE!!!

IN honor of Crap Pappas!!!

Sheep lord

Sheep lord

8) Picture of someone pointing some stanger without them noticing
Tie between all 3 pictures

7) Someone eating chocolate (IN HONOR OF MY WIFE)

Why because Pinata looks like she is hating life and Devo looks like he loving life.

6) A picture of something that has to do with Transformers

Its a stuffed Optimus Prime

5) A Picture with a Piano

When they took this picture the didn' t know that i just came from the bathroom and snuck in the picture in the back, can you see me.

4) A group photo from the APPLE Store and then sent it to me via email

Roadrunner's Head looks like an eraser and is going to erase Peanut Head's head.



2) Take a picture of Stoop and Sir Yes Sir with out noticing, who will be walking aroud the Mall

Got all 3 of us with out noticing

Sorry a little out of order for you OCD people!!!
3) Take a picture with a Horse


1) Each person has to pose with different manaquins

Okay so this is where the people VOTE:
Send me your vote on the comment deal and i will tally them up before the weekend, and that will determine the winners and i will have a prize for the winners, maybe.
Droopy or none Droopy you can vote on the manaquin shots.
Just describe to me the picture you like best in the comments.

Philipino Droopy for Life