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My Car Needs Prayer

So my muffler is falling off my car. My poor 1991 volvo. I LOVE THIS CAR. I just had to show you right now that bungie chords are holding my muffler up. LOL... So i posted what my car looks like right now and i posted my dream car.

That's Dominik, he is from Germany and he is on my staff and he has been drving my car.
How ironic that a German is driving a german car. Ya i am Idiot.

Ha you probably thought it was like a sport SUV or A3 Audi, however, i like those cars a lot, NOPE, my dream car a 15 passenger Cheverlet 2007 or 2008 van that i could haul my family, friends, droopy's, band students, students, and music equipment all at the same time. Even better a 15 passenger van that was HYBRID, because man those things eat up a lot of gas, but they don't make those yet. Anyways, one day.

Broken Muffler Philipino

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soeren said...

CHIEF! What's up with the Volvo? It needs some love... Need me to come and take it to Gregg's????haha

LOVE YOU. Your daughter is beautiful. You too...