"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Transformer Eposide 1 Where it all started!!!

So if you want to watch this you might want to get some popcorn and enjoy!!!

Philpino Transformer Wierdo


Sue's Cousins Yodling

So anyways this is Sue's Cousins Yodling. Know that every person in the Swiss Land can not do this but holy crap its Awesome!!! I think this is a new ministry we should start at Saddleback in HSM and Wildside. Shout out to Sue's awesome cousin's Tabea and Micha.

This isn't Sue's cousing but i want to Yodl like this.

A wanna be Philipino Yodler

Not a Crazy Dream, but could have been and so funny

So Sue and i were walking around Migros (its like a super walmart, just not as big) and we were shopping and we were pushing a shopping cart and taking turns, because that's what you do as a married couple. Now please know Lea was not with us, she was home with grandma and grandpa Swiss. Anyway, Sue and i stopped to look at some Swiss planners and Sue walked away, and i told her that i would catch up with her. As i went to catch up, pushing the shopping cart, she saw me walking through the main asile and whistle and gave me a look like, HEY YOU IDIOT YOUR PUSHING SOMEONE ELSES CART, so i looked down not knowing that for last 5 minutes i had been pushing someone else's cart. There was only 1 bag in the cart, but it was stuff that was purchased from another store. So at that moment, i walked away from the cart, looking around to see if anyone saw me take it. I didn't want to bring the cart back, because who's ever cart it was, they would have thought i just stole that cart, so i just left and walked around to see if anyone was looking for it and would claim it. 5 minutes later this Old Swiss Lady found her cart and she was frantic, really frantic, i felt bad for about a second, but when my wife and i saw her, we looked at each other, and laughed so hard and said we better get out of here. Anyways, this is one of the stories i have to tell you in person, CRAP it was so funny. lol...it was so funny.

Ask me about this in Person or ask my wife!!!

Oblivious Philipino



Anyway, Italy amazing, but i made this quick video for probably my most favorite Drummer in the World, because he is pretty much the first person i ever played Worship with and started with him when he was in Junior High. SO PROUD OF THIS BOY, anyways, David Hughes (AKA: The Sheep) this video is for you. This was a Cheese Factory that used Sheep's Milk and let me say the Cheese was AWESOME!!! You have never had cheese unless you have had real fresh cheese.

Sheep Philipino Cheese Eater

Crazy Dream #6

Okay so i haven't posted crazy dream number 5 yet only because i am waiting for certain picture to be sent to me. Anyways, first let me say i love my dreams, so i dreamt that i was talking to Silvester Stalone (AKA: Rocky Balboa) and i had invited him in my dream to come to dinner at 4, to my house on Sunday, and he said yes. Then out of the blue, Dwayne Johnson (AKA: The ROCK), my favorite wwe Wrestler of all time, said that he needed to talk to me about Camp, and he coming to my house at 4 on Sunday. So i turned to Sue (AKA: My Swiss Beauituful Wife) and asked if it was okay if we had booth Rocky and The Rock come over for dinner on Sunday at 4. Anyways, i woke up thinking how cool would it be if both of those dudes new the Lord and the impact they could have right now in telling people about Jesus. however, i thought to myself you don't have to famous or rich, you just have to Available and God will use you.

Philipino Rock

Yes or No - Luna and the Charlie Unicorns

Okay so i went on a date with my wife in Switzerland and we went and watch Harry Potter. Of all the Harry Potter Movies i think this one was my favorite, but no where near the story and creative genuis of Transformers, but still a good movie. Anyways, as i was watching Harry Potter the movie i kept laughing when the Character of Luna Lovesomething would start talking, i thought it was hilarious. Then i figured out what was, she sounds like the unicorns from Charlie the unicorns. Anyways, do you agree or disagree or are you blonde just like LUNA. I told Sue that that is my most favorite character now all in Harry Potter.

Okay after watching each video what if Luna, in the movie Harry Potter, would have turned into a unicorn and started chanting "Harry Come with us to Candy Mountain", tell me that wouldn't have been AWESOME!!!

Luna LovePhilipno

My 2 Week Vacation

Well what can i say, but this was an awesome week of just resting, and just spending some sweet time with my God and with my family.

Top 10 key things that happened these past 2 weeks on vacation in no particular order:
1) Read - Velvet Elvis - by Rob Bell (Highly Recommend)
2) Listen to my IPod, one song, about 7 million times "Saviour King" By Hillsong United - Can't wait to teach the students back home and just honor God with it - AWESOME!!!
3) Went Swimming with Sue's counsins everyday in Italy and taught them Marco Polo and Submarine
4) Listen to 4 different Pastors on Podcasts
Francis Chan - Cornerstone Church Simi Valley
Ed Young Jr. - Creative Pastors Felloship Church
Brian Houston - Hillsong Church
Simply Youth - Episode 54 - A Group of Pastors
5) Couple of times to share the gospel with Sue's Family
6) Got Fatter, to much Italian Pasta and Pizza
7) If you know what a history dork i am, i got to walk the streets of Florence where the part of the Roman Empire walked and lived in Italy
8) Eating at my favorite Pizza place in the whole world 2wice
9) Chicken Fighting in the pool and smashing my nose into Sue's forhead, man that hurt
10) My baby looking like a pirate

1 Rested Fired Up Philipino


In Italy

So by chance i was able to get onto the internet for a breif moment, so here is where i am staying in Italy. Its actually Sue's uncles house who own's a vineyard. Its really, really awesome out here.

Hungry Philipino


Italy and Temp NO Blog

Well i am hooked on blogging, but i might have to pause for week. I am going to Italy for the first time and where we are going i won't know if i have internet access. Anyways, if any of my Droopy's read this blog, bring to camp Foil and Duct Tape and remember Mexican Ninja's, Spread the word.

Mexican Ninja Philipino in Italy

Another Dream - #5 + a Nugget

So this dream was pretty simply, but yet worth posting. I had a dream that i was working at an old Day Care in Port Charlotte, which was called Camp Glory. As a SIDE NOTE this is actually the place where i accepted Christ at the age of 9 and the dude who lead me to Christ was Frank Vargo, who is the Pastor at Freedom Bible Church. Yes he is one of my hero's in life, and the cool thing is whenever i go home to visit my parents in FLA, i always call him to see if he wants to have breakfast, and when is available we catch up and i always thank him for what he did in my life, by living a life for Christ, just being there, and showing me how to live my faith in Christ. So before i tell you this dream, send an email or letter or call the person who lead you to Christ and thank them some way in how they impacted your life for Christ. Being a Youth Pastor myself its always a blessing to see students who get it and live it through out their lives. I know that its a huge encouragment to Frank when i call him up and just say thanks over breafast at Cracker Barrel. I always try and get him to pay for breakfast, but actually we take turns. I owe him a ton for the love and time he invested in my life. Anyway after writing this who cares about the dream. I will post that later, go email, send a letter, send flowers, send a transformer, call the person up who led you to Christ or go and eat breakfast or lunch or something, tell them because of them i am living the faith in Christ. I will post the dream later. If you contact this person who influenced you send me a comment because i want to hear how it went and how you encoraged them. I hope that all made sense.

A Thankful Saved Philpino

Swiss Germans and David Hasselhoff

Okay, so here is the deal, many times we stereo type people for there race, ethnicity, and so on, and for the most part thats not a good thing. For instance, we stereo type that all Asians eat Rice, all philipino's are Doctors or Nurses, all Canadians say EH, all Europeans don't take showers or wear deodorant, English people have bad teeth, and the list goes on. Anyway, i concluded that one stereo type to be true, and that is Germans or Swiss German love David Hasselhoff. I don't even know if i spelled his name right but just watch this video. However, don't watch the whole video because you might want to take a hammer and smash your head, just watch 10 seconds of the beginning and 15 of the end to see all the german chicks go crazy. And remember he is singing in German and i don't what he saying, but i am sure it stupid anyways.

Anyway, he is known for Knight Rider, which was a talking car that helped people and on Baywatch, probably one of the dumbest shows every created on God awesome earth. Anyways, we were hanging out at the house in Switzerland, and my Brother-in-Law saw on the table mail for him, specifically a package. He was so stinkin excited that he about peed himself and i am wondering what crap it was, and so he pulls it out and shows us this =

If you don't know what this is, its a fake California License Plate with the name KNIGHT as you can see, why because he love David Hasselhoff and Knight Rider the show. Anyways, i love my broher-in-law but comon David Hasselhoff. Not only that but he paid $30 off ebay for it.

A Philipino who Love His Brother-in-Law


Crazy Dream #4 During a Nap

Solet me try to explain this one. In my dream i had dreamt that i was taking out my Droopy's 06 boys and girls Black and White, from what i can remmeber it was Virus, The General, Cheez-it, Pancho, Schwibbly, and Tiny. We were on our way to Chuckie Cheese and someone said we should stop at Ian's house and eat dinner there. Anyway, we were in the Wildside ride and there were already 7 of us in the surburban and all of sudden when we were done eating, 9 more students joined us and i got really perturbed. Why? because the Wildside ride could only seat 9, therefore that was total of 16 students. I said no i am not taking all of you, you know i hate driving illegally, and all of you are not Droopy's, this is suppose to be a Droopy day, what the crap is going on. Then i found myself crammed with 16 students in the Wildside ride on our way to Chuckie Cheese. On the way to Chuckie Cheese i realized that i was going to the wrong way to Chuckie Cheese and so i went to do a U-turn. As were doing a U-turn i saw in the rear view mirror Hayden standing on something on the outside of the surburban while going about 40 miles an hour. He was standing on Logan P in wheel chair, while Logan was holding on to the Wildside Ride, like a skater would, so i YELLED get off of that wheel chair and get into the car. I was so mad that i told everyone that i had compromised taking all of you in one car, illegally, then you took adavantage of the situation, Hayden and Logan, and at that moment a Car hit Hayden and Logan still on the wheel chair and i then woke up from my dream.

UUUhh Philipino

SMART CAR Day 4 of the Swiss Land

This week my brother-in-law, Michael had to work in Zurich all week, so he left me his car to drive around if we needed to go anywhere, so today we drove in his Smart car to the MALL.

Let me try and explain to you what its like driving this car. It's like driving a golf cart on steriods with Air Conditioning and a sweet radio. You can either drive as a automatic or drive it as a stick shift, but there's no clutch, you just push forward the stick to change gears. Not only that be its great on gas, because we went and filled it up and it took like less then a minute.

If you ever get change you need to drive one of these.

Just for fun i was talking to my beautiful wife and asked her what if they had a smart car in Transformers the Movie. It probably would have died in the first 5 minutes of battle, but it would have been the cutest of all Transformers.

I want this Car Philipino


Day 2 and 3 of the Switzerland

Okay first let me say that if i mispell anything wrong, and your thinking why didn't Taffy spell check it, well when i pushed spell check it, it checks it all in German and i can't seem to change it to an english spell check. Anyway, what a fun ful l filling day today.

First i saw a disturbing add for milk so i took a pic and posted it. Its a little dark but i hope you can see it, its in Swiss.

2nd I might have told some of you about this, but sometimes i think i am in the Mafia, even though i a
m not at all. However, my wife's side of the family is so cool, the house that we went today was awesome!!! We went today to One of her uncles, who owns a vineyard in the SwissLand. It was awesome, so awesome that the house that they live in has a 6 person elevator. Anyways, i could go into more details, but i'm sure that will bore you. Here is a picture of Sue on the porch, however, the back ground looks fake, but its not, its just that awesome here in the SwissLand, the mountains and vineyard are behind her.

My Wife is a Hot Swiss Chic


Crazy Dream Number 3

So anyways last night i dreamt that i was working at an old church, but the staff was still Saddleback and McGill was running a staff meeting. He was yelling at everyone about, why is our staff so scared of the dark in the bathroom, if you gotta go, go, it was quite amusing in my dream. So while in my dreams he was talking about all this and i went to the bathroom, not in real life, but just in my dreams, and i was thinking to myself why are people so scared. Anyway, i then finished in my dreams, but as i came out, there were other staff walking into the bathroom, but McGill was still shouting at people at the meeting that they are a weak staff for not wanting to go the bathroom in the dark. SO in my dreams i had to go the bathroom again, so i went and while i was walking in there were staff memebers trying to scare me like at a haunted house, and as i went to one of the stalls, one of my friends from college, was in the Urnal next to flantering in the air two plastic bags to try and scare me. In my dream i asked him what in the world are you doing, he said i was trying to make Ghost noises. Then i woke from my dream and i realized i really needed to go the bathroom.

A Peeing Phlipino

Baby's Lea Crib on the Plane

So i was worried yesterday that we would have had to hold our BABY Lea for 11 hours straight on the plane, however, not the case. In some airplanes (Swiss Airlines) they have bassents for babies to sleep in. When you go and sit down there is nothing in front of you except 2 holes in the wall. Then while we in the air our Lea fell asleep so we asked for one of these Bassenets. So the dude brought us one and plugged it right into the wall it was genius. The only scary thing is that she looked like she was in a coffin. Which concludes one happy sleeping baby, one happy mother who could get some sleep, plus a Daddy who could watch Blades of Glory on the personal screen he also had in front of him, which still equaled a forever long plane ride with crappy food and small toilets.

Hate Flying Philipino

German FireFox

So here is the deal right now, I just got into the Switzerland last night and i am having problems blogging because everything that comes up on my screen for the internet is coming up in German, and there is no way to make it all english. I have tried a couple different ways of changing it, but it just ain't working. LOL...So here is a dumb comment, i am not only Lost in Translation, but I am lost in Blogging Translation. This is what some of the google searches look like.

None Speaking Philipino German

P.S. Jon if you read this blog can you take out the water bottles on Wednesday


Droopys Bowling Lunch Day

Droopy's Top 10 of Today

10. The German eating barbecue chicken pizza for the first time.

9. Praying for the Rwanda Team - not a Droopy thing, but it has the Droopys support, pray for them.

8. Virus, spinning falling on the ground then accidently throwing his bowling ball in the girls lane.

7. Being told three different time over the intercome of Saddleback Lanes

6. CPK hang Time

5. High 5 Spooning

4. Honorary Droopy Joining us - Texas

3. Those who were there - TINY, Cheez It, Hailers, Poncho, Eraser, Buffalo, The General, HIgh 5, Virus, Road Runner, Texas, Princess, Jedi, The German, The Taff

2. Randy Coming by before Work

1. Virus winning an IPOD Nano on a dollar arcade game, sick, but sickning

Philipino Droopy

Are you kidding me

K so i had to put this video on, what a moron, why because i don't want to point how awesome the lion is, but just wanted to show how dumb the dude is with two little sticks to protect himself, what in the world.

Observant Philipino

We should Do this in the Wildside

dizzy philipino


HSM Students To Rwanda

HSM is going to Rwanda
If you could stop and pray for them - specifically

Hearts Changed

Calling of Students

Jesus to Bless them

Phat Philipino


A Blog about a Blog

Well, one of my good friends caught me sleeping before a service, however, i have an excuse, and service hadn't started yet, i still had 30 minutes, so make sure you read the comment.

Sleeping Me

Gout Pilled Philipino


Droopy's 06 - we are going bowling eating lunch this Saturday and then all go to church.

www.droopys06.blogspot.com - For all Details


Sushi and Friends

There are some friends you know you love eating Sushi with because they look like this while there eating or done eating.

1 Happy full Philipino

Berries and Cream

K so this video was on Pancho's but i had to put on my blog for my friends to see because its so stinkin funny.


Student Leadership Conference Day 1 Evening

Quick Review of the first night of SLC
Fields Talk
REFUEL Spiritually in Christ
1) Stop
2) Be Still
3) Connection

Kill Ball

Let me explain to you one of the greatest games ever invented, Dodge Ball, However, over the years i have learn that it shouldn't be called Dodge Ball, because that is for Wimps, i like to call it Kill Ball. It shouldn't be that you want to dodge a ball or anything wussy like that, but when you play Kill Ball you should stand your ground. Ether get someone out by throwing the ball with enough pain that they wished they would have never played, or stand your ground and catch the ball by demoralizing the fact that they throw very weak and you wave them good bye off the court.

Let me tell you why dodging the ball is weak:
1) anyone can dodge
2) if your going to get out by dodging you might as well get out by at least trying to catch a ball
3) its just plan weak to dodge
4) the theory of dodge, duck, and dive is weak and pretty much for pansies

Its should be:
Stand your Groud
Catch the ball
Welcome someone to Kill Ball by putting a red mark on them

This all came about because HSM played Kill Ball tonight and i hadn't played in over 5 months because of my arm surgery. I actually tried playing tonight for the first time. In the first game i caught 8 balls in 2 minutes and took out 3 throwing in one game. I am only at 50% throwing right now because i am still doing physical therapy, but man it was good to play. Anyways, once again i am a complete dork, but i love the LORD.

Psycho Philipino

Taffy Prime

One of my awesome student/vocalist/worship leader, who is experimenting with PhotoShop made this. Had to share because i am dork and this picture is AWESOME and i love JESUS!!!

Philipino Optimus


Brit and Ryan

Here is what Brittany and Ryan would look like if they had a baby. However, not so pale and Asian looking at the same time, and probably wouldn't have the look of "mmm i am pushing out poop right now, don't take a picture."

Need a Haircut Philipino

My Baby Is Praying For You

Well not really she blinked when i was taking a picture, but i thought this would go good with this blog.

Do you ever feel like you have to pray for so many people in your lives that you meet, build a relationship with, and journey with? And you truely, truely, truely want to pray for them through out your life? Here is a sweet way to pray that i applied in my life when i was about 22, so about 10 years ago. I am not sure where i learned this from, but it has always stuck with me. Now remember this, this is not about having a huge prayer list or showing off oooooo "look at me i am prayer warrior like no other", i just know that many of us want to pray for our friends through out our lives and remember them. Anyway, i wish i could put an excel spread sheet on here for you, because that is what i use, but i am going to explain it the best way i can this blog.

In the first column of the excel spread sheet i have my family, top 10 guys that i pray for, top 10 ladies that i pray for, and top 10 little brothers and sisters i pray for. Now here is the thing, if you start, start off slow: Family First, then like 3 top dudes and 3 top gals, and so on, and i don't mean the ones you want to date should be your top 3. Now on my excel spread sheet i also put down there prayer request or i kinda know what i need to pray for them about, but i am not going to show you some of those, so this is what it looks like somewhat and some examples:

Wife - Sue

Top 10 Dudes
Ace - Family
Matty C- New Wife, His Ministry
Dillion - San Clemente, New Business AND SO ON
Matty M
Randy C
Matty H

Top 10 Sisters

Top 10 Little Brothers and Sisters
Beau From Fla
and so on

Top 5 Friends to know Christ

However then your asking about all the other friends and students and all that, this is the great part. Well then on the list, I have the friends and students i pray for weekly in the third column, because on the second column is the request of the first column.

HSM Band Students (But there written out by name, but i split this into three days by teams)

Wildside Band Students

HSM Band
HSM Staff and Wildside Staff

Kurt J
Doug F


John C
Doug F
Rick W

And so on for each of the Days....

However, there are friends and students i still like to pray for, through out my life, so i make a every two week list.
1st of every month and the 15th of every month
I pray for Old churches I used be involved in
Hope Community
Liberty Community
Thomas Road
Old Forest

Students who i keep in tough with sporadically in FLA and VA.

Then there are still some i pray just for monthly who i'll see every once and while, but still lift them up.

And now i am heading in to a new season of prayer and that is going to be quarterly
Please know my heart in this that this is to encourage the POWER IN PRAYER for friends
and this way you won't feel guilty about having to pray for everyone in your life every day.

This is inspired from Philippians 1:3-11

Know this, there at days i miss, and there will be days you will miss, but this will help remind you to pray for your friends, its part of life, and its fun to tell Jesus about who your thankful and who your journeying with.]

Remember start slow with a list and pray for those friends and it will naturally grow.

A Chubby Praying Philipino


Wildside and HSM Music July 7-8

I Love You Grace - Unknown
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall
Hungry - Vineyard
Be the Center - Charlie Hall
Grace - Phil Wickham

The Time Has Come - Hillsong United
From the Inside Out - Hillsong United The Stand - HIllsong United I am Yours - Wildside CD (Not in Print anymore)

I am late on Blogging

Now here is a funny conversation i just had with some friends and students. I am late on blogging because i am late on many things - blogging, myspace, fashion, guitars, drumming, haircuts, compared to my wife getting married (note: i did get married before i turned 30, note note: Married Nov 8, Birthday Nov 9 - God is Great!!!) English grammar, graduating college (note:took me 61/2 years) and many other things. However, the greatest thing, its all been in God's timing. Ya Check out toe eating baby!!!

Late Philipino


Baby Stages of Crying

Stage 1
What the Crap Dad?

Stage 2
Please no Daddy

Stage 3
AHHH you took my rice away!!!

Mean Philipino

Can't Read Your Blog

K, so i don't know how to read some of your blogs because you have them blocked, yet all of you are reading my blog and commenting on it. So here is the deal, if you are reading my blog and you find it entertaining or whatever the purpose of a blog is, add me to your blog so i can read your email and comment (taffy@saddleback.net). Also put your blog address on the comment and once i figure you out how to put you on my list of links/people i will.


New Philipino Blog

Smiling Mommy and Baby


Yes i can't believe i am a married philipino

Feeding Optimus Prime

Yesterday my wife and i saw DieHard and it was a great movie, however, while getting popcorn for my wife i saw Chase, my Wildside Drummer and i told him to take a picture of me feeding Optimus Prime popcorn. What a moment in my life!!! Yup i am total idiot.

Philipino Idiot


YES another studly McGill!!!

Big Head Philipino


I am Blind

So if some of you didn't know I am pretty much blind. I wear pretty strong contacts and at night I wear glasses that are like coke bottles. Anyways, about 2 months ago my glasses pretty much broke, so every week I have been putting scotch tape on my glasses to hold them. Not only that, but the plastic parts, that puts your glasses in place on your nose, and sets on your nose broke off. So I took them off and bent the bar out so I could still wear them if that makes any sense. However, today i picked up a new pair of glasses and I look like a Philipino Drew Carey, well not really, but close enough. Can you see my lazy left eye?

Once a Philipino Dork still a Philipino Dork

Morgan has entered the WORLD!!!

I don't have pictures of Morgan M yet, but once Matty M sends them to me I will post them. Welcome Morgan McGill to the world, born July 6th 1:01pm weighing in at 9 pounds. He is a Stud!!! My Wife and I saw him in the hospital today and it was weird to think that my baby was this small 2 months ago. She was born 7 pounds 4 months ago, but Morgan is a big dude coming into this world so SaaaWeeeeetttt!!.

Philipino Doctor (No I did not deliver the Baby)


My Family and The Giants

Sometimes God has funny ways in humbling you. Sometimes its just hard to explain, but i find my self amonst giants. Feeling so overwhelmed because things in my life i know could only be a God thing. One of those things is my wife and daughter, first it was a miracle that my wife is so awesome and beautiful and that now to think that we have a baby. A human being that somewhat looks like me, not just math because of the Asian Its crazy to think!!!

1 Greatful Philipino

The Violin

An instrument that is not used enough in ROCK or in my case worship music that brings passion and emotion to another level is the Violin. Not just because I am Asian and lot of Asians play the violin, because i don't know how to play the violin, but its awesome when playing worship songs that Honor the Lord!!! For my Friend Tom, but that is not him playing the Violin in that picture he is way better looking, however, he is playing this weekend in HSM.

Philipino Rock Violin Star

Crazy Dream #2

Last night i was dreaming that I was at my church office entering another room and front of the door that i was exiting was some kind of crazy bottle. I went to pick it up and move it and mustard splashed all over me, but in straight lines. After it went all over me i looked around and everyone was laughing like it was prank, but it wasn't. So i went to the bathroom and there were tables set up to eat lunch or something like that. Yup that was the dream i remembered last night. The Transformer picture has nothing to do with Mustard, its just a cool poster. LOL...

Philipino Mustard


July 4th

What a fun crazy day!!! Let me tell you

11:00am Watched Transformers for the 2nd time today and it was awesome!!! However, what made it totally sweet was that my wife and baby came, and for my wife to come and say that it was pretty good is awesome. Not only did my wife and baby came to watch Transformers, but some of my most favorite students came, 32 to be exact, or something like that. Anyways, it was awesome!!!

2:30pm Went to Cheesecake Factory and ate one of my most favorite burgers. However, when we got to Cheesecake factory my little daughter poop her diaper, which leaked out onto her clothing and onto the car seat, it was lovely.

4:00pm Then went Party jumping at 2 houses and it was fun to reconnect with some old friends and new ones. Ate a lot of food!!! Watched some Atlanta Braves!!! Just had a good time to hang with friends.

8:30pm Put my baby down to sleep and at 9:30pm put my wife to sleep. They are really cute when they are asleep.

Philipino Transformer

Crazy Dream 1 - Ninja's and Plastic

Last night I was dreaming about me and some ninja's fighting in a restaurant with plastic swords and numchucks and I was totally beating the crap out of them. It was awesome!!! They were totally scared and I was able protect my family and my food. Anyways, awesome dream.

Philipino Ninja



A Baby Lea Moment

Today while baby Lea was getting Fed from mama, she stop and pulled away from MAMA, pushed with a sweet princess face, tooted really really loud, and then when back to eating. That's my Girl!!!

One Proud Philipino Father