"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Day 2 and 3 of the Switzerland

Okay first let me say that if i mispell anything wrong, and your thinking why didn't Taffy spell check it, well when i pushed spell check it, it checks it all in German and i can't seem to change it to an english spell check. Anyway, what a fun ful l filling day today.

First i saw a disturbing add for milk so i took a pic and posted it. Its a little dark but i hope you can see it, its in Swiss.

2nd I might have told some of you about this, but sometimes i think i am in the Mafia, even though i a
m not at all. However, my wife's side of the family is so cool, the house that we went today was awesome!!! We went today to One of her uncles, who owns a vineyard in the SwissLand. It was awesome, so awesome that the house that they live in has a 6 person elevator. Anyways, i could go into more details, but i'm sure that will bore you. Here is a picture of Sue on the porch, however, the back ground looks fake, but its not, its just that awesome here in the SwissLand, the mountains and vineyard are behind her.

My Wife is a Hot Swiss Chic


chase said...

i miss you taffy!!!

¿stoop? said...

Wow! At first I was going to ask if the mountians and stuff was like, a backdrop.

so beautiful!

come home safe!

poncho said...

The cow add is very odd.