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First true BLOG: Transformers

Transformers - Greatest Movie ever, not just because I am Transformer fan, but because I am a Generation 1 Transformer fan. Yes, because of my friend Josh (www.theforce.net) we were able to get tickets for an early media showing on June 27th. We had tickets to the primere on June 26th, but I had to MC at my church on that Wednesday night.

I have every right to say what was good and bad about this movie because I still own all my Transformer from the 80's. Let me say though that I was worried at first that Michael Bay was directing this film, but this flick was awesome. The action is incredible, the way the Transformers transformed were awesome, the plot were not chessy, there were a couple Michael Bay cheese, but it was not over the top, it was absolutly incredible.

Because I am somewhat conservative in my beliefs I wouldn't recommend this movie to Junior High students or younger in anyway. There are to many innuendo's if you know what i mean, and the movie could have totally done without, but that is Hollywood. However, it wasn't about the Humans, but it was about the Autobots and Decepticons.

Anyways, if you go and see this movie come back and comment and tell me what you think and give me a rating 1-10. Also tell me who was your favorite Transformer on the film. Mine was Optimus Prime and Starscream.

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Taylor said...

ok i give it a 10 definetly the best part was when Optimus Prime and Megatron were fighting over the cube at the end and Sam had the chance to kill megatron or Optimus and killed megatron that was awesome and when Optimus was introducing the Autobots to Sam and Mikayla and he said quote "And my name is Optimus Prime" and everyone started cheering that was awesome definetly a 10

T!nyyy said...

I totally give it a 10!

Taylor, correction only you and the other guys started to cheer.

My favorite autobots were Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, of course.

That movie was seriously amazing and I was surprise that actually understood all of it.

kaylarayla said...

Is Ironhide in the movie?
He is my favorite..

Droopy's said...

Yes he is the Big Black Pickup Truck!!! I am very proud of you in knowing who iron hide is.

M.A.S.L.Y.N said...

jazz, was my personal favorite

that move was soooooo good,

definite 10 and two thumbs up

Carson Leith said...

transformers was amazing taffy. and although i dont know all the names, i thought bumblebee was a funny name for such an epic character.

i also thought optimus prime was awesome because he had sweet a sweet voice that i could do well, had a dank truck, and sick moves.

megatron was sweet as well, only because he was huge.

and i liked the way the transformers shouted "Starscream!" really enthusiastically. The name sounds cool.

As you can see, its all about visual stimuli and sounding cool.

Nick said...

My favorites were Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (both as the car and as the robot) He added a lot of humor to the movie.
One of my favorite scenes was the chase between Barricade and Bumblebee. That was awesome!