"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1



Oh Crap OH YA

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Oh Ya!!!

My Mother sent me a new camera because my other one broke, but i can't download any pics because my computer is too full!!! lol...However, the Pic you see is from my Mac and my baby just looks sweet.

Oh ya Philipino


The Sheep and I first Youth Worship Podcast

So The Sheep (David Hughes) and I started a Podcast about Youth Worship and Music. The website was created this past week and is up and running. So if you are bored watch it or if you want to know just check it out go to www.simplyyouthworship.com

Also please send us your questions or suggestions about youth worship through music. We would also love your input to make this podcast as impactful, effective, and encouarging as possible.


Podcasting Philipino


7 Adults 20 Students Skip School

Probably one of the most awesomest (yes that is a word) snow days i have ever seen at Snowsummit.

Top 7 Moments About The Day

1) 8 Droopy's on the trip
2) when i heading toward the lift, a little Asian kid points at me and laughs and says "Wow those are small skis." It was funny because he looked like me when i was 10, he was chubby and asian.
3) Buffalo throwing up, well not because he threw up, because i felt totally bad, but the fact that he threw up a gallon of what ever he drank and grossed out the table next to us, don't worry he was fine.
4) Snowboarding/Skiing Crew of about 14 going down the hill together = party run!!!
5) Having to put chains our our tires, actually that SUCKED!!!
6) Watching Uncle Doe - first time ever doing something athletic in the Snow - it was awesome!!!
7) The whole crew that went!!!

Mini-Skiiing Philipino