"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Hillsong United Live is Out

There is nothing new on this CD, but its just AWESOME to hear all the People sing out in the background!!!

I can't wait to see what heaven is going to be like.

I love Jesus Philipino


The Droopy's Scooter Razor

I am a Dork Philipino

Sorry! Dumb Joke But had to post it

Death Row in Women's Prison

Three women are about to be executed. One''s a brunette, one''s a redhead, and one''s a blonde. The guard brings the brunette forward and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, "Ready! Aim…"

Suddenly the brunette yells, "EARTHQUAKE!!!"

Everyone is startled and throws themselves on the ground while she escapes.

The guard brings the redhead forward and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She say no, and the executioner shouts, "Ready! Aim…"

Suddenly the redhead yells, "TORNADO!!!"

Everyone is startled and looks around for cover while she escapes.

By now the blonde has it all figured out. The guard brings her forward and the executioner asks if she has any last requests. She says no, and the executioner shouts, "Ready! Aim…"

And the blonde yells, "FIRE!!!"


25 Trips To Chuckie Cheese 28000 Tickets

So in 2004 the Droopy's 04 discovered one of the greatest places ever, Chuckie Cheese. However, this was no ordinary Chuckie Cheese because this CC has a BUFFET!!! So we would revisit this chuckie periodically. After eating there a couple of times, we decided, hey why don't we save our tickets and get something big. So over four years and with the help of Droopy's 04 and 06 we finally got what we had been working for this:

Let me break it down for you:
28000 tickets
about 25 trips
each having about 10-20 Droopys and friends hanging out
over 4 years
probably 5000 tokens
10,000 Cinamon yum yums
6000 Garlic Bread Sticks
230 cups of soda
15 Salad Bowls (that was when the Droopy Girls came)
7500 slices of pizza


NOTE: i was guessing at most of these

Here is the funny thing that i hate right now to be quite honest. When people see what we accomplished they usually say "you know you could have probably bought that at the store for cheaper then what you paid for instead of winning tickets", my response to that is "NO CRAP REALLY! WHAT WAS I THINKING I AM THAT BIG OF A MORON!"
Its not about that, its about hanging out with the Droopy's,
its about the Buffet,
its about playing Basketball for tickets and trying to beat each other high score,
its about Marky playing the fish game the whole time we are there,
its about Deal or No Deal and screaming loudly for 4 tickets,
its about Frodo getting punch by the guy who was fixing the machine,
its about watching the lady who is a lurker at one of the games were everytime a child puts in ticket, it adds a point and she would then wait everytime for it to get to 100 points and then try and win it,
its about Jedi thinking he left his phone and we went all the way back to see if it was there but he never brought it and it was in his moms car,
it about the conversations about school, girls they like, life, and how God is moving in their lives,
its about the all you can eat buffet, i know that i sad already but very important
its about a sweet Razor Scooter,
its about saying do you remember the time when we saved up 28000 tickets, yup GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES

So let me just say NO CRAP i know that we could have just bought a razor, but it about fun, memories, food, and hanging out with the DROOPY's.

I love the Droopy's
I am a Philipino Droopy

PS we had to put it together today and charge it over night so i will post some videos with it next week

Droopy's Video Scavenger Hunt

So today I took some of the Droopy's to hang out at the Spectrum (Orange County outside Mall) today for Spring Break. So we played a little Video Scavenger hunt with just digital cameras that had video capabilities.

- At least 2 teams - Team A and Team 1
- A Digital Camera that can record Video
- The USB chord of the Camera
- And a computer to download all the Videos when all is done

1 Have a guy (not a girl) on your team, go to Hollister and imitate the models poses.

2 Have a stranger video tape you while they ride the Ferris wheel and you sit on the side watching. Or have someone on your team record another person singing from the top of there lungs.

3 Go into the Apple store, have someone tape someone playing some kind of CLEAN video really loud for about 10 seconds or when a apple person says turn it down.

4 Something Random to get a reaction out of crowd of people in line (like a couple fight).

5 Sit in Barnes & Noble. have a someone read 4 pages of a Dr. Suess book out loud in a British accent.

6 Tape someone walking in front of a crowd and stop and just look at the store

7 Get a crowd of people or people just looking up in the air.

8 Someone pretend to take a shower in the water deals in front of the food court or in front of target.

9 Order a coffee bean (just one) from Coffee Bean.

10 A group of you pretend to ice skate in the open area where the ice skating rink is.

Extra Credit: Make up a Video

Judging Points:
1) Creativity of the Video
2) Camera Shots (The Camera Should never be noticed)
3) Best reaction of a crowd on Camera

Getting Kicked Out of any store or the spectrum it self or harming anyone.

Vote for Best Video (We only took the top five that had a chance to win)

Genie and Ref getting people to look up

Buffalo bending over to make people move

The General taking a wanna be shower

Mouse Singing to the next Cart on the Ferris Wheel

You have to watch this with your head tilted to the left
The Genie and Mouse causing a scene

Love the Droopy's Philipino

PS don't forget to vote and explain why


DROOPY's 04 and 06

All Droopy's 06 Click here for Wednesday

Droopy's 04 and 06 Boys Only
Chuckie Cheese Thursday
Click here for Details

I am Droopy Philipino


Rice and Rubber Duckies

Rubber Duckies and Rice Philipino

Milk Beard Lea!!!

I like MILK!!!
Love my Baby Philipino



Next week is spring break what are we going to do for a Droopy Day!!!

10 Questions to Answers for next week.

Click Here!!!

Philipino Droopy


Seeing David Yawn on a Podcast

So David and i did a podcast and near the end he yawned on the podcast, so i had to rag on him a little bit on camera, well not really, but it was funny. Its about 3/4 into the video, but i think its probably because he got tired of listening to me.

Love the SHEEP

I love my Little Brother Philipino

My Wife has Joined the Blog World

My Wife has joined the blog world add her to your friends list.

Note: that some of her blogs will be in Swiss.


My Hot Swiss Wife, Philipino


Peek a Boo = Laughing Lea

Laughing Winded Philipino

Where are they now!!! Love These Kids!!!

in 2001 Wildside CD
Sae - Vocal (Claim to Fame on the Wildside CD Lead Vocal- Jesus Lead On)
Jake - Electric Guitar (Claim to fame on the Wildside CD - Peace of God)
Bumper - Electric Guitar/Bass (Scracth Track Vocals Jesus Lead on at the very end)
Jared - Electric Bass (2 songs on the CD 1 Pass)

Janu and Whalesharks 2008
(They will be at Saddleback in a Concert with The Bolts and Sun from Shadow May 2)
Sae - Vocal
Jake - Acoustic Guitar/Banjo
Bumper - Drums
Jared - Up Right Bass

Not Worthy Philipino


Bring your Small Group

Wildside HSM Philipino


April 18th Gotta See this Movie

2 of my most favorite martial artist in one movie!
Jackie Chan and Jet Li

Its going to be awesome!!!

This is pretty close to Transformers.

Philipino Wanna Be Kung-Fu Artist



One of the Best Blogs ever if you know the McGill's.

Click Here!

Excited Philipino


One of my Most Favorite Pics of Lea

From the Camera of Ali L
Thank You Ali

MMMMM Philipino

Lea from Her First B-DAY

Random Order of what we did on Here Birthday!!!

Winnie the Pooh Ride

My Favorite Picture after she ate

Mommy's Chocolate Cake she made from Scratch
Baby Loved It

1 Years Visit at the Doctor's Office
Only 2 Shots

Dumbo Ride Disneyland

Lea's Friends

Clean up after the Cake

She will have a Brother Philipino

Another Gift Today

We are going to have a GIOVANNI July 22nd!!!

My wife had another present for me and i had no clue and when i opened it, inside was this:


A Confession

So last week my wife came home with a cabbage patch doll that the Sarti's gave us for Lea's first birthday. I had to confess to my wife, that when i was young child, i wanted a CPK really bad, and my wife totally made fun of me, in which she had every right to. I was around when CPK first came out. The demand was great and the supply was small, similar to the Wii and when XBOX's first came out. Anyways, my wife surprised me with a gift when i came home the other day. It was wrapped in gift wrap. At first i thought it was a Transformer, but as i opened it i realized what it was, and i start laughing when i saw, because it was a CPK doll. Name: Cora Miranda. Now here is the thing I grew up as a only child and all my friends had brother and sisters and so i think i was a little envious. YUP!!!

However, even though i never had biological brothers and sisters. God has brought me into a calling, that when i think about, had a huge influence in why i love student minitries. It because to me my little brothers and sisters are all those who i have had a chance to journey with in the Lord in some way. I known it sounds cheesy but true. SBBC Students, Liberty Students, Droopy's, band kids, Wildside, HSM, and so on. So really i have a ton of brothers and sisters.

Yup a Confession of a CPK Philipino

So I took the test!!!

Take this test its hilarious!!!


I Still think i could take more that Philipino

My Over Dramatic Lea

Sorry you always see the cute side of her, but this is cute and funny all at the same time!!!

I love my Baby Philipino

3 Banana's in Under a Minute

Go Landon!!!

NO Cramps for the rest of the Day!!!

This is what we do while were waiting to go on stage for Big Church.

Banana's Philipino

So for Fun

We took this test off of Kurt's Blog and Sue took it first and she scored higher then Kurt did.


My Wife Kicks Butt Philipino




What up!!!

Old Philipino





Chocolate Philipino