"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


A Confession

So last week my wife came home with a cabbage patch doll that the Sarti's gave us for Lea's first birthday. I had to confess to my wife, that when i was young child, i wanted a CPK really bad, and my wife totally made fun of me, in which she had every right to. I was around when CPK first came out. The demand was great and the supply was small, similar to the Wii and when XBOX's first came out. Anyways, my wife surprised me with a gift when i came home the other day. It was wrapped in gift wrap. At first i thought it was a Transformer, but as i opened it i realized what it was, and i start laughing when i saw, because it was a CPK doll. Name: Cora Miranda. Now here is the thing I grew up as a only child and all my friends had brother and sisters and so i think i was a little envious. YUP!!!

However, even though i never had biological brothers and sisters. God has brought me into a calling, that when i think about, had a huge influence in why i love student minitries. It because to me my little brothers and sisters are all those who i have had a chance to journey with in the Lord in some way. I known it sounds cheesy but true. SBBC Students, Liberty Students, Droopy's, band kids, Wildside, HSM, and so on. So really i have a ton of brothers and sisters.

Yup a Confession of a CPK Philipino

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...i believe that stands for California Pizza Kitchen...