"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


25 Trips To Chuckie Cheese 28000 Tickets

So in 2004 the Droopy's 04 discovered one of the greatest places ever, Chuckie Cheese. However, this was no ordinary Chuckie Cheese because this CC has a BUFFET!!! So we would revisit this chuckie periodically. After eating there a couple of times, we decided, hey why don't we save our tickets and get something big. So over four years and with the help of Droopy's 04 and 06 we finally got what we had been working for this:

Let me break it down for you:
28000 tickets
about 25 trips
each having about 10-20 Droopys and friends hanging out
over 4 years
probably 5000 tokens
10,000 Cinamon yum yums
6000 Garlic Bread Sticks
230 cups of soda
15 Salad Bowls (that was when the Droopy Girls came)
7500 slices of pizza


NOTE: i was guessing at most of these

Here is the funny thing that i hate right now to be quite honest. When people see what we accomplished they usually say "you know you could have probably bought that at the store for cheaper then what you paid for instead of winning tickets", my response to that is "NO CRAP REALLY! WHAT WAS I THINKING I AM THAT BIG OF A MORON!"
Its not about that, its about hanging out with the Droopy's,
its about the Buffet,
its about playing Basketball for tickets and trying to beat each other high score,
its about Marky playing the fish game the whole time we are there,
its about Deal or No Deal and screaming loudly for 4 tickets,
its about Frodo getting punch by the guy who was fixing the machine,
its about watching the lady who is a lurker at one of the games were everytime a child puts in ticket, it adds a point and she would then wait everytime for it to get to 100 points and then try and win it,
its about Jedi thinking he left his phone and we went all the way back to see if it was there but he never brought it and it was in his moms car,
it about the conversations about school, girls they like, life, and how God is moving in their lives,
its about the all you can eat buffet, i know that i sad already but very important
its about a sweet Razor Scooter,
its about saying do you remember the time when we saved up 28000 tickets, yup GOOD TIMES GOOD TIMES

So let me just say NO CRAP i know that we could have just bought a razor, but it about fun, memories, food, and hanging out with the DROOPY's.

I love the Droopy's
I am a Philipino Droopy

PS we had to put it together today and charge it over night so i will post some videos with it next week


de(von)licious said...

the whole day i was like

yes we finally wonnn it.

i am sooo stoked

Elyse said...

AMAZING!!! That is soooo cool.


Kayla Rae said...

I can say I contributed about 85 tickets towards this...your welcome.

Snyder said...

I would also like to say that I contributed some of those tickets. So next time I am in the office I am going to take it for 1 spin around the cubicles.

Brian Forsberg said...


Ange said...

sooo fun! I love BHAG's. hahaha

Brandi said...

This is probably the COOLEST thing ever done!

I'm sure you had way more fun visiting this CC for 3 years then just buying a scooter for Walmart!

Way to go guys!


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