"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Almost Crawling

I think the weght of her head keeps her from moving forward and so only side to side. Ahh genetics, of my big head!!!

Big Head Philipino

Green Peas = Green Slimy Poop

HA HA HA HA Philipino


Recent Pictures of Lea for Lola

Hi my name is Lea
I belong to Sue and Taffy

My Parents don't know how to feed me yet.

Just waned to give you a High 5.

My dad dresses me up for tennis and makes me practice piano, JERK.


I can't believe i have a Baby Girl Philipino


This Weekend in HSM/Wildside Worship

Wildside: I led with the Choir, well actually i only led one song and the students did the rest which was awesome!!!

O Praise Him - David Crowder
My Glorious - Delirious
Shout Unto God - Hillsong United

The Stand - Hillsong United
From the Inside Out - Hillsong United

HSM Worship Rachel and Dominik (Saddleback Intern)
Gotta go my own way - High School Musical 2
Everything - Tim Hughes
Jesus paid it all - Old Hymn
Salvation is here - Hillsong United
Friend of God - Chris Tomlin (I don't recomend this song in a student setting, the bass line is awesome, but it was more of Adultish Feel)

Love the Violin Philipino

I Need to Visit this Market

You need to watch this twice!!! Its awesome!!!

Cho Cho Philipino


13) My Top 10 Movies

MY TOP 10 Movies WIth my favorite lines or clips in the movie!!!

1) 2007 Transformers

- Favorite moment of the movie - Optimus Prime Chopping the head I think of BoneCrusher
- Childhood Memory - I had about 80 Transformers in the day

2) 1986 Transformers The Movie

- First movie I ever cried in and that was when Optimus Prime died. I was about 11. If you watch this it will make you cry!!!

3) 300

- This movie just kicks butt!!!
- Love the history behind this event in history
- Favorite Line of the Line of the Movie "Come home with your shield or on it." Give your all!!!

4) UHF - Very Funny Clip

- Favorite seen of the movie: "Billy you found the marble in the oatmeal, you get to drink from the fire house." Wierd Al put the winning child of a firehose and blows him away.
- Reminds of the Good old College days specifically spring break because we would watch every spring break at my house in Florida.

5) School of Rock

- My favorite part of this movie is that it reminds of students I do band with
- Favorite part of the Movie: The Prayer before the kids play i think is awesome

6) Gladiator

- Favorite line the movie: "What you do in this life will echo a eternity".
- Favorite part of the movie: Gladiator confidence in all that he does.

7) Fearless (Jet Li)

- Awesome Martial Arts
- Favorite Part of the movie: Forgiveness

8) Benchwarmers - Another Hilarious Clip

- holy crap just a funny movie
- Favorite 2 lines: "Your not a Sword", and "Amaazzaaazing" - There are so many good one lineres in the movies

9) Mean Girls (this is my closet movie i don't like to admit)

- Clever movie about the reality of how girls really are in Junior High, High School, and College, that is my opinion but i know i am right

10) Last Samurai

- One Word - HONOR

Yup too much time on my hands, only because i have to feed our baby at 6:00 in the morning solid food and she goes back to sleep in a about 45 minutes and so i can't fall back asleep so i blog.

Love the Movies Philipino

Fun Week of Friends and Food

Monday - Breakfast and Lunch With Sue and Lea
Josh and Dillon came over for dinner

Tuesday Morning - Had Breakfast with Landon
Wednesday Morning - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with Sue and Lea
Thursday - Lunch Small Group - Droopy's 02 Fuddruckers
(Canada, Trentacost, Corey, Mikey, Dylan)
Night - Small Group Dinner (Matt, Natalie, Jason, Becky, Jana, Leigh)
Friday - Breakfast with the Sheep
Lunch with the Lea
Sue's dinner wtih a whole bunch of Co-Workers from Downey
Dinner with Machew and Frodo
Snack with Brian, Jason, Jason, Dom, Manuel, Matty (Happy Birthday)

Happy Philipino

Top 10's I need to post

This is the Top 10 List of the Top 10's I need to Post, however, its 13 lists not 10!!! I will post them in random order when i get to each of them because some i can do in about 5 minutes and the other in about 45 minutes to and hour.

13) Top Ten Movies

12) Top 10 Moments of my sporting life of any sports

11) My Top 10 of Favorite Nicknames Given, Recieved, or just think are awesome!!!

10) My Top 10 Crazy Dreams - Ones i have have posted and ones from the past i have never posted that i can remember (This one will take a while)

9) My Top Traveling Band Moment (Indiana, Sweaty Fashions, Sarinnannanana Band, Florida band 1 and 2, San Diego Band 1 and 2, Pine Summit Band 1, 2, and 3, 1000 Pines Band 1, 2, 3 - I am sure there are more).

8) My Top Ten Student Moments

7) My Top Ten Favorite Worship Songs

6) My Top Favorite Worship Experiences Playing or being a part of

5) My Top Moments of Silent Football (That i have been a part of or heard as a great moment in this sport)

4) My Top 10 Ministry Moments

3) My Top 10 Droopy Moments

2) My Top 10 Sue Moments

1) My Top 10 Moments in Life


Best Music Video Ever

How badly do i want to do a music video like this!!!

Dumb Philipino


Greatest Movie Coming Out

This October DVD "TRANSFORMERS" The movie. OCTOBER 16th!!!

Transformer Philipino

Optimus Prime Costume

Can you imagine me in this costume!!! Its so awesome we never had Transformers costumes in the old day. I was always a ninja.

Optimus Philipino Prime


HSM and Wildside Music Sept 15/16

Wildside and Family Venue - Uncle Do (Dominik) Lead with

Break Free - Hillsong United
Tell the World - Hillsong United
Everlasting God = Brenton Brown
Migty to Save = Hillsong

Family Venue
Break Free
Everlasting God
Agnus Dei - I think this was Michael W. Smith -
Whole world in his hands - Tim Hughes

HSM - Opener
"What I've Done" - Linkon Park
Austin Sang this (He was awesome)

Hsm Worship Set
From the Inside out - Hillsong United
NOTE: We only used a Violin, Vocals, and a Acoustic Guitar and it was awesome.
2 things made it so sweet
1) The students Worshiping and singing out and we could hear them
2) The Violin Playing
I have a recording of part of it i will see if can show you the violin.

Gifted Response - Matt Redman
Break Free - HIllsong United

Violin Philipino



For now on this is how we should settle things!!!

One Leg Philipino


Droopy's/Band Students/Students

Read This!!!!
Awesome thoughts from the SHEEP!!!


Painting Philipino


4:00 This Morning

4:00am This morning my wife and I couldn't sleep and the wierd thing is Lea is out like a log. Anyway, sometimes when my wife and I can't sleep or when we are bored I surf the internet for funny videos and pictures as she watches. And we came across this one:

Now granted it was 4:00am in the morning, but my Sue asks "I don't get what is wrong with the picture and why is it funny?" I looked at her and Smiled and explained, and we had a good laugh for about 2 minutes at 4:02 in the morning. I love my Wife.

Going Right Philipino


Music HSM and Wildside

Zack Led HSM - I hope he still has a voice because he opened up with
Typical By Mute Math
Worship Songs after the Message
Better is One Day - Matt Redman
There for Me - ?
Famous One - Chris Tomlin
Marvelous Light - Charlie Hall

Wildside - I had the previledge to Lead
From God Above - Hillsong United
Take it All - Hll Song United
How Great is Our God - Chris Tomlin
Hosanna - HIllsong United

Worship Music Philipino

Droopy's Reunion of Dudes

So tonight was a Mini Reunion of the Alumni Droopy's of 00, 02, and 04. No little guys (Droopys 06). It was Fun, Food, and Fellowship at the Filipino's house at Four. Those who came tonight to represent:

00 - Pole
00 - A SNOOPY - The Sheep - Now a Droopy as of 06 but still a Snoopy
02 - Dylan
02 - Canada (Not in the Picture)
02 - Corey
04 - BO
04 - Code
04 - Papa
04 - Shut-Up
04 - The Neighbor
04 - Yipshaw
04 - Flash
04 - Chick Magnet
04 - Farmer
04 - Frodo
04 - Box
04 - Lips

Those Who called back and said they weren't going to be able to make it: Spadowski 02 (Working), Shane 02 (Chargers Game), Shaun 02 (Homework), Machew 04 (The Drakes), Randy (Family). Don't know what happened to the Jake, Slim, Frosty, Kronk, Mikey, and more.

Love the Droopy's.

PS if you are alumni Droopy and you happen to have read this email me, I want to hear from you and see how your doing and catch up (Taffy@saddleback.net)



So it was like Christmas for me today. I got in the mail today, my new Rice Cooker. I actually haven't had a rice cooker in like 3 months, i have been using regular cooking pots, but not as good. I am really picky with my rice cooker and i found the one i liked on a website - www.veryasia.com - however, i didn't order if from them because i found it for cheaper at www.shopd.com, not only that it was free shipping and it came in like 2 days UPS, OOOhhh Ya. Anyways i am one happy philipino again.

Side note: What if my rice cooker was a Transformer? What would its name be?
Rice Prime
Optimus Rice

Rice Cooker Philipino


Our New Small Group

So about our new Couples Small Group. The funny thing JP calls up and says "Hey Taff you and you wife are coming this thursday for small group." When i heard this message i was like, oh i guess Sue said yes to a small group, but when i ask Sue about it she had no clue. But it was just JP knowing we would come because we love the families involved. So here was our second night of small group and thought i show what we did before we had our deep spiritual talk.

It was great because 2 Wildside came to watch the kids. And one of the was The Communist - TINY (Tiny don't forget to tell me when you play Julia and Hailey, I need the times and where, email me though, taffy@saddleback.net)
Than this:

Then went upstairs for time together and prayer.

Couples Small Group Philipino (Man I feel Old)



So i finally got my Mac back this past week, because it kinda crashed. The crappy thing is i somehow lost all my ITUNES songs. You know my huge collection of random songs. I think there were about 8000. I lost songs like: I'm not giving up, kill me (that was a song but it was a wierd song that was Christian, if you ever heard it, you know would iknow what i am taking about), my names BIG A, ahhhhhh CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP, and so many more!!!

Anyways i have to start all over so!!!

AHHHHHH philipino

Top 10 Moments this Past Weekend

Top 10 From this Past weekend in Big Church

10: Natural Craziness The earthquake (NOTE: i never felt it and to this day i have never felt an earth quake, ahhhhhh poop!!!) And that it was 96 degree's

9: When Pastor Rick said that i would be signing autographs for Pastor Lee

8: Time-Out People - WWE, Taylor, Drew

7: Chinese Food and Pizza for the Green Room

6: Taking Pictures of Wildsiders who i knew liked each other and then proceeded to taking prom pictures just to make them feel awkward - The Drummer and Peanut Head/The Genie and Julia - all i have to say is LOL..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

5: 4 Students walking behind Pastor Rick in the Carmera Shot - StoopLaPoop, Drew, The Canadian, and Niklynn

4: All the Services the Students were involved in this past weekend - Wildside, HSM, Family Venue, and BIG CHURCH

3: Hayden Dancing in the Back and Kicking something during the message

2: The Whole Choir and Band - Nikki losing her voice for the Lord on the Mic, The Genie - Buffalo - Pinata - Jess R - Nikki A - singing "Dancing Generation, Kiana Busting out "Blessed be the Name" on Sunday night, Stoop busting it all weekend on "You never left Go", it was awesomee!!!

1: There are two number ones:
First was when the Jedi told me on Saturday Night that he couldn't make it Sunday morning. So i asked him Why? And his reply "7:45am that's early" and he said this with all seriousness, Jedi not a morning person.
Second is i can't get that Real Jesus Song out of my head because the way the students were singing it in the green room, i would like to explain this but just ask me in person.

Yup Yup Philipino


Worship in HSM, Wildside, HSM, and Family Venue

So this Weekend in HSM, Wildside, BIG CHURCH, and our new Family Venue started this weekend. I am pretty excited for this service because its going to give more opportunities for our Students to lead in worship. This weekend will be the trial run, but its going to be awesome for sure. Our high school band leading in HSM, which they will be leading the Trial Service, and so to make things not so complecated the songs that they are playing in HSM they are also going to play in the Family Venue.

HSM/Family Venue Shout to the Lord ( A little Old Skool)
Majesty - Delirious

Hosanna - Hillsong United
Forever - Phil Wickham
Mighty to Save - Hillsong United

No One Like you - David Crowder
Infinite - Future of Forestry (Once Known as SOMETHING LIKE SILAS)
? (Alice if you read this what was it)

Beautiful Lord - Leeland


Blessed Be the Name - Matt Redman

From the Inside Out - Hillsong United

Oh No You never Let Go - Matt Redman
The Real Jesus - Downhere
Here I am to Worship - Tim Hughes
Dancing Generation - Matt Redman

Tired Philipino

Lea Falling Asleep

My little princess falling asleep. I would have gotten the camera earlier, but i couldn't find it.

Sleepin Phlipino

No Hear, See, or Speak

Hear no Evil - See no Evil - Speak no Evil
Well this morning i had breakfast with some of the students, who i hung out with when i first came to Saddleback. Casey and David were in Coaches C-Group and Marky was an Original Droopy (Est 2000) Wow i feel old. Casey plays for STYG (Drummer), David plays drums for every church venue in Orange County, and Marky plays for the Lord whereever. Anyways, again i feel old and i am very proud of these boys, ahhh Love these boys.

Old Philipino