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Droopy's Reunion of Dudes

So tonight was a Mini Reunion of the Alumni Droopy's of 00, 02, and 04. No little guys (Droopys 06). It was Fun, Food, and Fellowship at the Filipino's house at Four. Those who came tonight to represent:

00 - Pole
00 - A SNOOPY - The Sheep - Now a Droopy as of 06 but still a Snoopy
02 - Dylan
02 - Canada (Not in the Picture)
02 - Corey
04 - BO
04 - Code
04 - Papa
04 - Shut-Up
04 - The Neighbor
04 - Yipshaw
04 - Flash
04 - Chick Magnet
04 - Farmer
04 - Frodo
04 - Box
04 - Lips

Those Who called back and said they weren't going to be able to make it: Spadowski 02 (Working), Shane 02 (Chargers Game), Shaun 02 (Homework), Machew 04 (The Drakes), Randy (Family). Don't know what happened to the Jake, Slim, Frosty, Kronk, Mikey, and more.

Love the Droopy's.

PS if you are alumni Droopy and you happen to have read this email me, I want to hear from you and see how your doing and catch up (Taffy@saddleback.net)


Randy said...

aw crap! wish i could have been there!!! There is no way even if i didnt have to work because i forgot that I had class that night!!! Crappy but it looks like it was a fun night... we need to hang soon!

Alanna Marie said...

Poor Dylan and Corey...they don't have nicknames.