"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


13) My Top 10 Movies

MY TOP 10 Movies WIth my favorite lines or clips in the movie!!!

1) 2007 Transformers

- Favorite moment of the movie - Optimus Prime Chopping the head I think of BoneCrusher
- Childhood Memory - I had about 80 Transformers in the day

2) 1986 Transformers The Movie

- First movie I ever cried in and that was when Optimus Prime died. I was about 11. If you watch this it will make you cry!!!

3) 300

- This movie just kicks butt!!!
- Love the history behind this event in history
- Favorite Line of the Line of the Movie "Come home with your shield or on it." Give your all!!!

4) UHF - Very Funny Clip

- Favorite seen of the movie: "Billy you found the marble in the oatmeal, you get to drink from the fire house." Wierd Al put the winning child of a firehose and blows him away.
- Reminds of the Good old College days specifically spring break because we would watch every spring break at my house in Florida.

5) School of Rock

- My favorite part of this movie is that it reminds of students I do band with
- Favorite part of the Movie: The Prayer before the kids play i think is awesome

6) Gladiator

- Favorite line the movie: "What you do in this life will echo a eternity".
- Favorite part of the movie: Gladiator confidence in all that he does.

7) Fearless (Jet Li)

- Awesome Martial Arts
- Favorite Part of the movie: Forgiveness

8) Benchwarmers - Another Hilarious Clip

- holy crap just a funny movie
- Favorite 2 lines: "Your not a Sword", and "Amaazzaaazing" - There are so many good one lineres in the movies

9) Mean Girls (this is my closet movie i don't like to admit)

- Clever movie about the reality of how girls really are in Junior High, High School, and College, that is my opinion but i know i am right

10) Last Samurai

- One Word - HONOR

Yup too much time on my hands, only because i have to feed our baby at 6:00 in the morning solid food and she goes back to sleep in a about 45 minutes and so i can't fall back asleep so i blog.

Love the Movies Philipino

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stoop.la.poop said...

Benchwarmers- I loveeee how he is chasing a butterfly in the outfield.

Mean Girls- I just watched that last night..so many laughs (: