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Holy Crap Got to Try This

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Fuel Last Night

So last night was our first ever, for our Student Ministries, to attempt to record and film a live worship experience, of what we do here at Saddleback Church. Our 1st goal in this was just to HONOR God, in worship, through music and art with our Hearts!!! Our 2nd goal in all this, was hopefully to encourage our community in how students can lead worship, if they have the right heart for it. 3rd was just to celebrate how awesome God was/is and to celebrate how He has created "Purpose" in our lives.

We are hoping sometime in February for the CD to come out, and for the DVD to be released in May or something like that, we are not sure on that. Matty of whooinstenthemoose films, is a student, who is a genius for only being 15, will be making the DVD. You should check out some of the videos he has created as a 14-15 year old.

Can i be honest about something. Its funny to look at the picture and to think about this night, because its so easy to want to compare it to other worship leading churches around the world. Here is the thing, i don't care, i think what we do with our students, in allowing them to lead, sing, and just worship, GOD loves it, why because it Honors Him. Not everyone can make a CD or DVD, who cares, that ain't the end result, bringing worship and honor to God is what the end result is, however, and in essence should never end. Some friends were asking, is it going to be like HILLSONG United? NO!!! They have been doing it for way longer then we have in this realm and we shouldn't be HILLSONG UNITED, we should be us, student ministries of Saddleback. Its the best that we can do with what God has entrusted with. Don't get me wrong, we love Hillsong United, i mean 4 of the songs were Hillsong United songs, why because they are awesome and they lead in the way of encouraging writing songs, expressing with passion through song, being undignified, making DVD's, and so on.

Anyways, i feel like an older brother, who is just proud of all my little brothers and sisters who participated in FUEL!!! It was awesome and encouraging. I love our students, awesome hearts!!!!

Proud Older Philipino Brother


Thanksgiving Blog

So we spent our Thanksgiving with the Griffin Family, Zack and Juli, Jeff and Brody, and it was awesome. Of course there was lots of food and Rice, but here is my beautiful family and then a couple of videos. The first video is where Jeff feel asleep during the football game and Josh's oldest boy Christian was trying to put a piece of bread on his face, while he was sleeping, so the dog (Brody) would eat off his face, but he woke up while Christian was putting the food on his face and just watch Jeff's reaction.

Thanksgiving Philipino


Fuel (Worship Night) Watch the Expensive Video Promo!!!

A Celebration of Purpose for Him
Saddleback Church
We are shooting a live DVD and recording a live CD and we would love for you to be a part of this!!!

Monday Nov 26th
Tent 2 or also known as the poop tent. (There are 3 tents on campus and one of them is brown, hence the poop tent)

If you would like to also worship through painting please bring $5-$10 topay for supplies unless you bring our own.

Come witha prayerful heart of wanting to worship an incredible God. Please hear my heart in that, this is not just a concert to be impressed and be WOWed, its a chance to gather and worship through song and creative arts and WOW our God, because worship is not for us, but for Him who deserves WORSHIP!!!

If you watch this expensive video and your a part of HSM or WILDSIDE put this on your blog, myspace, facebook, send this video and link to your friends, and help promote this night!!!

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Wicked The Musical

So this past Sunday, as a present to my wife for our 3rd anniversary, I took her to go experience the movie "WICKED". I know this is hard to believe, but this musical was awesome!!! It far exceeded my expectation in this musical. I would recomend this muscal to anyone who has seen The Wizard of Oz. Its awesome!!! Word of advice though, when you park your car make sure to turn off your lights, because when came back to our car, i left the lights on and we had to get a jump.

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More Pics of Lea

OH i got up by myself!!!
Mommy and Me

My myspace photo

My dad is a moron!!!

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Lea Crawling

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Wildside Connect Dance

So i had to show this one because i love Wildside and i love our Wildside Students and Staff. We are in our 40 days of Purpose, so we did this song for Connect, so the students would never forget. Watch the Chief (Kurt Johnston) bust some moves, its awesome!!!!

Connect Philipino


DROOPY'S 06 Fall Retreat!!!

GO TO Droopy's 06 Blog

Drumming at HSM Praise and Worship

So Last Tuesday night I drummed for a new band. Its called 3wgaaa. Stands for 3 White Guys and an Asian. Its not really a "real band". Its actually just some of the staff on HSM and my team playing for the Wildside and HSM when needed. However, it was a sweet night of worship!!! Zack and Alice pretty much lead!!! I have incorporated Alice's name in 3wgaaa yet. The only name i could think of so far was 4WPaaa, which then would stand for, 4 white people and and asian. However, i might go with 4GORACA, which stands for, 4 Grains of Rice and Chicken Adobo.

Our set that night was:
Everything Glorious - David Crowder - off his new album, i would recommend
Hayden, an incredible Senior, gave a great welcome shared a little
It is well/Thank you for Loving me - Something Like Silas Version
Yes you have - Leeland
Jeff B, HSM Intern, Shared the Word
Piano songs that Alice Lead
Come thou Font - ?
Give Us Clean Hands - Charlie Hall
Jason P lead into communion
You Alone - ?
Hosanna - United (Yet again another song i never get tired of singing daily)
Jesus Paid it all
The funny thing is Zack has been playing Yes you Have a ton in HSM, but we were suppose to end on Jesus Paid it all, but felt the HS leading to sing this song again and it was EPIC!!!

However, here was the part of the night, besides our Students Worshiping, while i was playing one of the sticks flung out of my hand, because i was hitting so hard, that it almost poked me in the eye. It was awesome!!!

Okay 3:22am back to Sleep Now Philipino

No PICS!!! This Past weekend in HSM and WILDSIDE

So i haven't blogged any pics lately because i lost my USB Chord that connects my wife's camera to the computer. I have some sweet pics coming soon so your going to have to wait. I ordered another Chord and so i am expecting it this week. AHhhh POOP.

It was a confusing weekend because we are doing 40 days of purpose and the whole church is pretty doing the same purpose this weekend, but HSM did REACH (evangelism) and Wildside did HONOR (worship). If it was up to me i would have done DISCOVER (Ministry) why? for no reason!!! Anyways just in case you wanted to know:

Uncle Do Lead with Rachel
Opener - Realize - Colbi Caillat
Tell the World - United
To the Ends of the Earth - United
Mighty to Save - United
Salvation is Here - United

Landon, Heather, and Jessie R - These are some of high school students who lead this past weekend in Wildside and they were awesome!!! I think it was great because this pretty much is our Freshman band, and they have been playing together now for about 2 years and they are "Band" not just players, and so it was pretty tight.

Salvation is Here - United
Stir in Me - Todd Proctor
Here I am to Worship - Tim Hughes
From the Inside - United - This song is like rice to me, i love sing it everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - its so powerful!!!

Can't sleep Philipino 3:05 am