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Wildside Connect Dance

So i had to show this one because i love Wildside and i love our Wildside Students and Staff. We are in our 40 days of Purpose, so we did this song for Connect, so the students would never forget. Watch the Chief (Kurt Johnston) bust some moves, its awesome!!!!

Connect Philipino


Joshua Griffin said...

Oh man ... genius. Expect this as the opening number at PDYM October 08?!


Zach Zeiger said...

this was absolutly amazing.

bryce said...

loved it very much

Anonymous said...

HA!!! I thought you said you were not going to post it on You Tube!!


007 said...

one of the best weekends in wildside.

great job choreographing the whole thing!

Maxdoggie said...

awesome!!! =)

Anonymous said...

hey taffy,
i got an e-mail that said today was your b-day and yesterday was ur aniversary so... happy Birthday and happy Aniversary. thanks 4 always being funny and happy.
love ya,
Loren Aguirre(new wildsider and chior member)

Anonymous said...

o yeah that weekend was awesome and cant wait to perform again.
Loren Aguirre