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No PICS!!! This Past weekend in HSM and WILDSIDE

So i haven't blogged any pics lately because i lost my USB Chord that connects my wife's camera to the computer. I have some sweet pics coming soon so your going to have to wait. I ordered another Chord and so i am expecting it this week. AHhhh POOP.

It was a confusing weekend because we are doing 40 days of purpose and the whole church is pretty doing the same purpose this weekend, but HSM did REACH (evangelism) and Wildside did HONOR (worship). If it was up to me i would have done DISCOVER (Ministry) why? for no reason!!! Anyways just in case you wanted to know:

Uncle Do Lead with Rachel
Opener - Realize - Colbi Caillat
Tell the World - United
To the Ends of the Earth - United
Mighty to Save - United
Salvation is Here - United

Landon, Heather, and Jessie R - These are some of high school students who lead this past weekend in Wildside and they were awesome!!! I think it was great because this pretty much is our Freshman band, and they have been playing together now for about 2 years and they are "Band" not just players, and so it was pretty tight.

Salvation is Here - United
Stir in Me - Todd Proctor
Here I am to Worship - Tim Hughes
From the Inside - United - This song is like rice to me, i love sing it everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - its so powerful!!!

Can't sleep Philipino 3:05 am

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heatherleith! said...

i love singing in wildside.

its like coming home for the holidays.

and throwing cow tongues with your mouth is an added bonus...