"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Drumming at HSM Praise and Worship

So Last Tuesday night I drummed for a new band. Its called 3wgaaa. Stands for 3 White Guys and an Asian. Its not really a "real band". Its actually just some of the staff on HSM and my team playing for the Wildside and HSM when needed. However, it was a sweet night of worship!!! Zack and Alice pretty much lead!!! I have incorporated Alice's name in 3wgaaa yet. The only name i could think of so far was 4WPaaa, which then would stand for, 4 white people and and asian. However, i might go with 4GORACA, which stands for, 4 Grains of Rice and Chicken Adobo.

Our set that night was:
Everything Glorious - David Crowder - off his new album, i would recommend
Hayden, an incredible Senior, gave a great welcome shared a little
It is well/Thank you for Loving me - Something Like Silas Version
Yes you have - Leeland
Jeff B, HSM Intern, Shared the Word
Piano songs that Alice Lead
Come thou Font - ?
Give Us Clean Hands - Charlie Hall
Jason P lead into communion
You Alone - ?
Hosanna - United (Yet again another song i never get tired of singing daily)
Jesus Paid it all
The funny thing is Zack has been playing Yes you Have a ton in HSM, but we were suppose to end on Jesus Paid it all, but felt the HS leading to sing this song again and it was EPIC!!!

However, here was the part of the night, besides our Students Worshiping, while i was playing one of the sticks flung out of my hand, because i was hitting so hard, that it almost poked me in the eye. It was awesome!!!

Okay 3:22am back to Sleep Now Philipino


Maxdoggie said...

it was totally awesome!!! i was there and i could believe how awesome it was to connect with God through music! =)

heatherleith! said...


3 white guys and an asian and an allison