"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Top 10 Moments this Past Weekend

Top 10 From this Past weekend in Big Church

10: Natural Craziness The earthquake (NOTE: i never felt it and to this day i have never felt an earth quake, ahhhhhh poop!!!) And that it was 96 degree's

9: When Pastor Rick said that i would be signing autographs for Pastor Lee

8: Time-Out People - WWE, Taylor, Drew

7: Chinese Food and Pizza for the Green Room

6: Taking Pictures of Wildsiders who i knew liked each other and then proceeded to taking prom pictures just to make them feel awkward - The Drummer and Peanut Head/The Genie and Julia - all i have to say is LOL..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

5: 4 Students walking behind Pastor Rick in the Carmera Shot - StoopLaPoop, Drew, The Canadian, and Niklynn

4: All the Services the Students were involved in this past weekend - Wildside, HSM, Family Venue, and BIG CHURCH

3: Hayden Dancing in the Back and Kicking something during the message

2: The Whole Choir and Band - Nikki losing her voice for the Lord on the Mic, The Genie - Buffalo - Pinata - Jess R - Nikki A - singing "Dancing Generation, Kiana Busting out "Blessed be the Name" on Sunday night, Stoop busting it all weekend on "You never left Go", it was awesomee!!!

1: There are two number ones:
First was when the Jedi told me on Saturday Night that he couldn't make it Sunday morning. So i asked him Why? And his reply "7:45am that's early" and he said this with all seriousness, Jedi not a morning person.
Second is i can't get that Real Jesus Song out of my head because the way the students were singing it in the green room, i would like to explain this but just ask me in person.

Yup Yup Philipino


Chris.tine said...

I wish I could've been there!!

Mel East said...

best weekend ever! go way to end the summer! i love that song real jesus

stoop.la.poop said...

Jesus isn't white...WOW, what an amazing weekend.

Kayla.Rae said...

Jedi and I should be friends.

jennifer said...

so fun!!!!!and you make things super awkward!

Carson Leith said...

"...someone from school might forge your name and use your id and get you in trouble."

hey taff,
on the id thing...i've never heard of that happening at school and even if that did happen, the guy would have to verify that it's him that's in the photo. I don't think he/she could get away with that. They would have to be very determined and deticated to steal my identity. Not many people have those qualities at my school. The ones who do are either smart, friendly asians, or my good friends. Which one of those groups would want to steal my identity?

Thanks for looking out for me and i hope that explanation made sense and flowed smoothly.



Rachel Styffe said...

I'm cracking up right now! So fun! Thanks for the time out... haven't gotten one of those in years!

Angerson said...

Taf -- this was certainly one of the highlights on my weekend! Sunday night...

1. Seeing 30 (#?) students take over the stage and dance and sing their hearts out!
2. Watching students mimic you on your worship moves
3. Watching the congregation react to Dancing Generation
4. Seeing students that I've loved for YEARS on stage totally into God

Great job Taf (and everyone else)...you all did great!

Alanna Marie said...

Jesus on the silver screen.
Jesus drinking ovaltine.
Jesus on the tamborine