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Droopy's Video Scavenger Hunt

So today I took some of the Droopy's to hang out at the Spectrum (Orange County outside Mall) today for Spring Break. So we played a little Video Scavenger hunt with just digital cameras that had video capabilities.

- At least 2 teams - Team A and Team 1
- A Digital Camera that can record Video
- The USB chord of the Camera
- And a computer to download all the Videos when all is done

1 Have a guy (not a girl) on your team, go to Hollister and imitate the models poses.

2 Have a stranger video tape you while they ride the Ferris wheel and you sit on the side watching. Or have someone on your team record another person singing from the top of there lungs.

3 Go into the Apple store, have someone tape someone playing some kind of CLEAN video really loud for about 10 seconds or when a apple person says turn it down.

4 Something Random to get a reaction out of crowd of people in line (like a couple fight).

5 Sit in Barnes & Noble. have a someone read 4 pages of a Dr. Suess book out loud in a British accent.

6 Tape someone walking in front of a crowd and stop and just look at the store

7 Get a crowd of people or people just looking up in the air.

8 Someone pretend to take a shower in the water deals in front of the food court or in front of target.

9 Order a coffee bean (just one) from Coffee Bean.

10 A group of you pretend to ice skate in the open area where the ice skating rink is.

Extra Credit: Make up a Video

Judging Points:
1) Creativity of the Video
2) Camera Shots (The Camera Should never be noticed)
3) Best reaction of a crowd on Camera

Getting Kicked Out of any store or the spectrum it self or harming anyone.

Vote for Best Video (We only took the top five that had a chance to win)

Genie and Ref getting people to look up

Buffalo bending over to make people move

The General taking a wanna be shower

Mouse Singing to the next Cart on the Ferris Wheel

You have to watch this with your head tilted to the left
The Genie and Mouse causing a scene

Love the Droopy's Philipino

PS don't forget to vote and explain why


Elyse said...

I want to be a Droopy sooo bad! You guys have so much fun! Anyways Jen and Devon totally get my vote!

Carson Leith said...

There's a lot to be said about every video here. Some were mediocre and others sub-par, but I'm going to have to hand this one to Buffalo bending over to make people move. The deviant act was performed swiftly, correctly, flawlessly, and with total disregard for a bunch of first graders. They were obviously put into shock when their path was disrupted by buffalo's back-side. I also want to take notice of the camera man's excellence in holding his laughter in. Rarely do you come across a YouTube Video that has the intent to be funny, and yet hear no one laughing.

Excellent job guys. Keep up the jokes, and keep down the laughter.

007 said...

im going to have to agree with carson on that one, i mean, it was just so perfect and graceful!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going to have to give this one to Devon and Gabe, because just the fact that they got those group of kids to look up for such a long time and also how Devon and Gabe actually got them in a group to show them where the "thing" in the sky was.

Great job.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Anonymous. Gabe and Devon were amazingly convincing to a group of others that there legitimately was something up in the sky. But not only did the other folks look, they asked for help in discovering it! VERY WELL DONE GENTLEMEN!


heath(er) said...

i wholeheartedly agree with carson j. leith IV.