"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


7 Adults 20 Students Skip School

Probably one of the most awesomest (yes that is a word) snow days i have ever seen at Snowsummit.

Top 7 Moments About The Day

1) 8 Droopy's on the trip
2) when i heading toward the lift, a little Asian kid points at me and laughs and says "Wow those are small skis." It was funny because he looked like me when i was 10, he was chubby and asian.
3) Buffalo throwing up, well not because he threw up, because i felt totally bad, but the fact that he threw up a gallon of what ever he drank and grossed out the table next to us, don't worry he was fine.
4) Snowboarding/Skiing Crew of about 14 going down the hill together = party run!!!
5) Having to put chains our our tires, actually that SUCKED!!!
6) Watching Uncle Doe - first time ever doing something athletic in the Snow - it was awesome!!!
7) The whole crew that went!!!

Mini-Skiiing Philipino