"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1



So what can i say but HOLY CRAP the
Droopy's Wildside Bowl 08 CHAMPIONS!!!

For those who are reading this and are thinking that this is stupid, that Taffy this just a game, let me just say its not just a game, this is the WILDSIDE BOWL!!! Its one of our biggest events in Wildside (Junior High Ministry at Saddleback Church). This event bring a tone of people out in our ministry like parents, friends, staff, siblings, pet dogs, and hundreds of students. There were about 10 teams for the 8th grade league and 6 teams for the 7th grade league, each having nearly 16-20 students both Ladies and dudes, and to think that each had at least 10 sets of parents for every team watching. There were so many people out there screaming, cheering, laughing, and in my case, being really competitive.

Let me explain why, for the Droopy's, this is such a big deal. The first Wildside Bowl was first played in 2001. And every year the Droopy's have won the bowl except last year we lost to the team "Band of Brothers and Sisters" with a 0-14 loss.

Why was this such a big deal you ask, well let me explain that to you:

1) The Droopy's have existed since 2000 and out of 7 Wilside Bowls, not including yesterdays 08 BOWL, we had won 6 out 7 WIldside bowls.

2) Droopy's 00, 02, and 04 had little brothers playing in the 08 Wildside bowl who played last year and lost. When we lost, it was like someone had past away and Droopy Alumni were coming up to me apologizing and being mournful and the older siblings were asking their younger siblings "How did you lose?" Then they would say to them "Can't believe you lost." It was crazy.

3) The same team that we lost to last year we also had to face in the finals once again.

4) This team that we played were a team made up of football players. However, for us our team was loaded with Soccar players.

5) This other teams was bigger and rougher and that had a intimidation factor, but we had speed and Girls who knew how to play.

6) My students wanted it really bad. So much that one of my Droopy's Ladies (who was a key player, so much that we played 2 safeties and she was one of them, that's how good she was) knew how big this weekend was that she skipped some important soccar tournament that traveled to Arizona which was one of the most important soccar tournaments to advace in as a team in the Soccar. But she missed that weekend just to play in the WILDSIDE BOWL!!! NOT ONLY THAT but 2 of my students got injured in 2 different game prior to the Final game and still played this Championship game (Roadrunner and The Genie)

7) HEART!!!

Anyways yesterday was unbelievable, in the championship game, we nearly scored on every possesion but 2. 1) We had to punt once and 2) the only turn over the game was when the horn went off at the of end the game, Virus (Our Quarterback) just threw the ball up for grabs, when we were winning 51-21, they caught it and ran it back for a touchdown and the final was 51-28. I was telling Dillon, a friend of mine, that every student on the Droopy's worked as a team, that if anyone one of them were gone on Wildside Bowl day, i don't think we would have won because they were such a TEAM. It was unbelievable.

If you were there this was my Top 10 Moments/plays of the day for me.

10 The Cutest QB ever
9 TC's interception called out of bounds in the championship game that was awesome
8 The Opera Play
7 Refugee Running and fake forward passing and everyone falling for it
6 The OOOOOPPPSSS play Worked every Time and the double reverse Pass
5 Every parent cheering, screaming, and laughing at my coaching drama
4 HIKE HIKE working in the championship game
3 Genies 2 key touchdowns in the championship game and the 2 interceptions up the middle
2 Black and Gold Droopy's Cheering on the Black and White Droopy's students, siblings and parents
1 Pinata Rushing in hard against 2 big dude students, in which i know she was not to thrilled about, but she went after that QB and still tried really hard. Can you believe they had 2 blockers going against Pinata, what a threat!!!

Droopy Alumni Who Came out to Support
Kronk - 00
Pole - 00
Canadian - 02
Omlete - 04
Lips - 04
Cody - 04
Flash - 04
Yipshaw - 04
Nikki L - 06

Droopy. Proud Philipino.


de(von)licious said...


honestly i am still feeling nervous.

i have no idea why.
but i feel like they are going to take the shirt i am wearing.

the champions shirt.

Zach Zeiger said...

u guys were amazing...
how did the water feel taff?

tyler said...

do work son. do work

sunshine said...

im a pretty big fan of christi panchal. she and her whole family are pretty great.

Anonymous said...

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