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So this is one of my favorite times of the year, our FLAG FOOTBALL Tournaments for HSM Wildside, our football bowls, and i have oversee the High School bowl.

First let me say it was a crazy week leading up to the High School Bowl because in the middle of the week we had to change locations because the the High School that we were to play at wanted to charge us 1300 dollars. Here is how it went down. About 2 months ago we asked the local school if we could rent their field and they said "Sure no one ever uses our fields on Sunday and the cost was only $50." So we were like sure, we'll take it. So we went to the school and paid for the field and signed a contract. However, we get a call the Wednesday before the sunday we about to have our tournament, and they said sorry, but for some reason someone only charged you $50 dollars, but the field costs 1300. WHAT? Ya ridiculous. So we had to move everything back to the park that we used play at every year, Flo-Jo Park. Don't get me wrong, this park is actually nicer than the school, but Flo-Jo is a first come first serve kind of park, and not only that, but at anytime if the county feels like that is should be shut down to the let the grass grow, they will shut it down. The reason for having the tournament at the highschool was to secure a field and actually have more fields.

Anyways this year i decided not to play in the high school, in which leaders are allowed, and i want to play with my Droopy's, but i decided to only be commissioner and made sure this event would happen. However, i did put 2 teams together and coached them before the bowl. And both teams WON!!! The Droopy Girls in the Girls league and the Tree Lovers which had 2 Droopy's Cody and Spadowski. The Girls pretty much dominated thier league and they went 3 - 1. I actually told them to not use the play book or play as hard in thier 3 game because the team secure a spot in the finals. The team that they played beat them by 1 touchdown and they were all stoked. However, the Droopy's killed them in the Championship by more than 3 touchdowns. It was awesome!!! I was stoked.

I was going to play with the Tree Lovers, but the team was to stacked. I wanted to play with Spadowski really bad because it was his Senior year, but it was to obvious that we stacked the team a little to much. So i opted out and instead just coach them, not during the game, but 2 practices before the bowl and use the play book i made for them. They were all football players.

Anyways this weekend is the Wildside Bowl, which is our Junior High Flag football tournament. Which is another favorite time of the year for me. In the 7 years of the Wildside Bowl the Droopy's had won except last year. We played a team that had all football players that is different from our team this year, most of my guys and girls are soccar players. I know that if we had a Wildside Cup we would totally dominate. Its hard to explain but thier is a different instinct when it comes to football or whatever sport you are playing. And the team last year had the football instinct. Also the 6 years when we we won the Wildside BOWL leaders were allowed to play and it was just last year they took the leader out, i hate that Rule!!! Lol...All is well and its still a FUN DAY!!! Anyways wish us luck for this weekend. I love my Students.

Droopy's HSM BOWL Champs 2008

Tree Lovers HSM BOWL Champs 2008

Both Teams Champions 2008

I love Fooball Philipino


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