"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Only Watch This if You have 10 Minutes to waste

So last Thursday i wanted to blog this, but for some reason i couldn't get the footage off Sue's camera to blog about it, however it downloaded today. Anyway, i went skiing in Switzerland with Sue's cousin's, her brother, and his girlfriend last Thursday. The funny thing was this the mountain where we went skiing was said to be only an okay mountain, yet the runs were awesome and forever long, i wanted to see again what a good mountain was like because it sure beat the place that i have been to in the states.

Anyways, if you never seen a chubby philipino on mini-skis here it is, and if you want to see an awesome scenery, just watch and ENJOY!!!

Chubby Philipino on Snowblades


007 said...

taff ur too funny

Kayla.Rae said...

I wish you would have fallen, that would have been even funnier than this already is...

Anonymous said...

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