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Jared and Auntie Ray Ray Engaged

So most of you know that when something exciting is going on i can't keep my mouth shut, i love telling the whole world.

First i had to keep quiet about Sue being pregnant, until she told all her relatives here in Switzerland that she was due in July 22nd. The funny thing is i posted that we were pregnant and the i had to take it off because it was too early, but then as most of you know i posted this past week.

My second exciting news is my Co-Minister Auntie Ray Ray, who pretty much make Student Ministries Worship ministries work at Saddleback, who is like a sister, just got engaged last night to Jared M. Who is a passion for God and for students. Jared actually had breakfast with us on the Friday before we left for Switzerland to tell us that he was going to propose, because he knew that we weren't going to be in town. Last night they had a huge party after he proposed, but i had to wait until it was finally out and Alice just blogged about it briefly.

But i would like to say i kept my mouth shut and told no one, which wasn't easy!!!

JARED and Autie Ray Ray CONGRATS!!!

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Alanna Marie said...

you did a great job keeping your mouth shut!

007 said...

tell the world that alanna got engaged, tell the world that, tell the world that!