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Not a Crazy Dream, but could have been and so funny

So Sue and i were walking around Migros (its like a super walmart, just not as big) and we were shopping and we were pushing a shopping cart and taking turns, because that's what you do as a married couple. Now please know Lea was not with us, she was home with grandma and grandpa Swiss. Anyway, Sue and i stopped to look at some Swiss planners and Sue walked away, and i told her that i would catch up with her. As i went to catch up, pushing the shopping cart, she saw me walking through the main asile and whistle and gave me a look like, HEY YOU IDIOT YOUR PUSHING SOMEONE ELSES CART, so i looked down not knowing that for last 5 minutes i had been pushing someone else's cart. There was only 1 bag in the cart, but it was stuff that was purchased from another store. So at that moment, i walked away from the cart, looking around to see if anyone saw me take it. I didn't want to bring the cart back, because who's ever cart it was, they would have thought i just stole that cart, so i just left and walked around to see if anyone was looking for it and would claim it. 5 minutes later this Old Swiss Lady found her cart and she was frantic, really frantic, i felt bad for about a second, but when my wife and i saw her, we looked at each other, and laughed so hard and said we better get out of here. Anyways, this is one of the stories i have to tell you in person, CRAP it was so funny. lol...it was so funny.

Ask me about this in Person or ask my wife!!!

Oblivious Philipino


jae.jae said...

Did this seriously happen? So dang funny.

Anonymous said...

no offense, but I could c u doing that

T!nyyy said...

haha. That is totally something that you would do.