"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Another Dream - #5 + a Nugget

So this dream was pretty simply, but yet worth posting. I had a dream that i was working at an old Day Care in Port Charlotte, which was called Camp Glory. As a SIDE NOTE this is actually the place where i accepted Christ at the age of 9 and the dude who lead me to Christ was Frank Vargo, who is the Pastor at Freedom Bible Church. Yes he is one of my hero's in life, and the cool thing is whenever i go home to visit my parents in FLA, i always call him to see if he wants to have breakfast, and when is available we catch up and i always thank him for what he did in my life, by living a life for Christ, just being there, and showing me how to live my faith in Christ. So before i tell you this dream, send an email or letter or call the person who lead you to Christ and thank them some way in how they impacted your life for Christ. Being a Youth Pastor myself its always a blessing to see students who get it and live it through out their lives. I know that its a huge encouragment to Frank when i call him up and just say thanks over breafast at Cracker Barrel. I always try and get him to pay for breakfast, but actually we take turns. I owe him a ton for the love and time he invested in my life. Anyway after writing this who cares about the dream. I will post that later, go email, send a letter, send flowers, send a transformer, call the person up who led you to Christ or go and eat breakfast or lunch or something, tell them because of them i am living the faith in Christ. I will post the dream later. If you contact this person who influenced you send me a comment because i want to hear how it went and how you encoraged them. I hope that all made sense.

A Thankful Saved Philpino

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¿stoop? said...

How do you have so many dreams!?

i always forget mine..