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Baby's Lea Crib on the Plane

So i was worried yesterday that we would have had to hold our BABY Lea for 11 hours straight on the plane, however, not the case. In some airplanes (Swiss Airlines) they have bassents for babies to sleep in. When you go and sit down there is nothing in front of you except 2 holes in the wall. Then while we in the air our Lea fell asleep so we asked for one of these Bassenets. So the dude brought us one and plugged it right into the wall it was genius. The only scary thing is that she looked like she was in a coffin. Which concludes one happy sleeping baby, one happy mother who could get some sleep, plus a Daddy who could watch Blades of Glory on the personal screen he also had in front of him, which still equaled a forever long plane ride with crappy food and small toilets.

Hate Flying Philipino

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Brian Forsberg said...

Yeah, that looks a little morbit. I hope you are having a blast.