"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Italy and Temp NO Blog

Well i am hooked on blogging, but i might have to pause for week. I am going to Italy for the first time and where we are going i won't know if i have internet access. Anyways, if any of my Droopy's read this blog, bring to camp Foil and Duct Tape and remember Mexican Ninja's, Spread the word.

Mexican Ninja Philipino in Italy


¿stoop? said...

Yay for italian food!

T!nyyy said...

Foil and Duct tape...interesting. Does that mean girls and boys bring that?

Elise B. said...

While on Olvera Street at Gurly they were selling all these Luchador masks... I wish I bought one!