"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Crazy Dream #6

Okay so i haven't posted crazy dream number 5 yet only because i am waiting for certain picture to be sent to me. Anyways, first let me say i love my dreams, so i dreamt that i was talking to Silvester Stalone (AKA: Rocky Balboa) and i had invited him in my dream to come to dinner at 4, to my house on Sunday, and he said yes. Then out of the blue, Dwayne Johnson (AKA: The ROCK), my favorite wwe Wrestler of all time, said that he needed to talk to me about Camp, and he coming to my house at 4 on Sunday. So i turned to Sue (AKA: My Swiss Beauituful Wife) and asked if it was okay if we had booth Rocky and The Rock come over for dinner on Sunday at 4. Anyways, i woke up thinking how cool would it be if both of those dudes new the Lord and the impact they could have right now in telling people about Jesus. however, i thought to myself you don't have to famous or rich, you just have to Available and God will use you.

Philipino Rock

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