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Kill Ball

Let me explain to you one of the greatest games ever invented, Dodge Ball, However, over the years i have learn that it shouldn't be called Dodge Ball, because that is for Wimps, i like to call it Kill Ball. It shouldn't be that you want to dodge a ball or anything wussy like that, but when you play Kill Ball you should stand your ground. Ether get someone out by throwing the ball with enough pain that they wished they would have never played, or stand your ground and catch the ball by demoralizing the fact that they throw very weak and you wave them good bye off the court.

Let me tell you why dodging the ball is weak:
1) anyone can dodge
2) if your going to get out by dodging you might as well get out by at least trying to catch a ball
3) its just plan weak to dodge
4) the theory of dodge, duck, and dive is weak and pretty much for pansies

Its should be:
Stand your Groud
Catch the ball
Welcome someone to Kill Ball by putting a red mark on them

This all came about because HSM played Kill Ball tonight and i hadn't played in over 5 months because of my arm surgery. I actually tried playing tonight for the first time. In the first game i caught 8 balls in 2 minutes and took out 3 throwing in one game. I am only at 50% throwing right now because i am still doing physical therapy, but man it was good to play. Anyways, once again i am a complete dork, but i love the LORD.

Psycho Philipino

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Anonymous said...

Kill ball was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!