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SMART CAR Day 4 of the Swiss Land

This week my brother-in-law, Michael had to work in Zurich all week, so he left me his car to drive around if we needed to go anywhere, so today we drove in his Smart car to the MALL.

Let me try and explain to you what its like driving this car. It's like driving a golf cart on steriods with Air Conditioning and a sweet radio. You can either drive as a automatic or drive it as a stick shift, but there's no clutch, you just push forward the stick to change gears. Not only that be its great on gas, because we went and filled it up and it took like less then a minute.

If you ever get change you need to drive one of these.

Just for fun i was talking to my beautiful wife and asked her what if they had a smart car in Transformers the Movie. It probably would have died in the first 5 minutes of battle, but it would have been the cutest of all Transformers.

I want this Car Philipino


kaylarayla said...

You consume that car.

chase said...

that is the SWEETEST car ever taffy.

you are so lucky

Anonymous said...

that would be awesome in transformers

¿stoop? said...

I want it...

David Hughes said...

hahahaha. little mouse car :)