"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Crazy Dream Number 3

So anyways last night i dreamt that i was working at an old church, but the staff was still Saddleback and McGill was running a staff meeting. He was yelling at everyone about, why is our staff so scared of the dark in the bathroom, if you gotta go, go, it was quite amusing in my dream. So while in my dreams he was talking about all this and i went to the bathroom, not in real life, but just in my dreams, and i was thinking to myself why are people so scared. Anyway, i then finished in my dreams, but as i came out, there were other staff walking into the bathroom, but McGill was still shouting at people at the meeting that they are a weak staff for not wanting to go the bathroom in the dark. SO in my dreams i had to go the bathroom again, so i went and while i was walking in there were staff memebers trying to scare me like at a haunted house, and as i went to one of the stalls, one of my friends from college, was in the Urnal next to flantering in the air two plastic bags to try and scare me. In my dream i asked him what in the world are you doing, he said i was trying to make Ghost noises. Then i woke from my dream and i realized i really needed to go the bathroom.

A Peeing Phlipino