"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


My 2 Week Vacation

Well what can i say, but this was an awesome week of just resting, and just spending some sweet time with my God and with my family.

Top 10 key things that happened these past 2 weeks on vacation in no particular order:
1) Read - Velvet Elvis - by Rob Bell (Highly Recommend)
2) Listen to my IPod, one song, about 7 million times "Saviour King" By Hillsong United - Can't wait to teach the students back home and just honor God with it - AWESOME!!!
3) Went Swimming with Sue's counsins everyday in Italy and taught them Marco Polo and Submarine
4) Listen to 4 different Pastors on Podcasts
Francis Chan - Cornerstone Church Simi Valley
Ed Young Jr. - Creative Pastors Felloship Church
Brian Houston - Hillsong Church
Simply Youth - Episode 54 - A Group of Pastors
5) Couple of times to share the gospel with Sue's Family
6) Got Fatter, to much Italian Pasta and Pizza
7) If you know what a history dork i am, i got to walk the streets of Florence where the part of the Roman Empire walked and lived in Italy
8) Eating at my favorite Pizza place in the whole world 2wice
9) Chicken Fighting in the pool and smashing my nose into Sue's forhead, man that hurt
10) My baby looking like a pirate

1 Rested Fired Up Philipino

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