"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1



So here is the plan for tomorrow night for the Droopy's Evening


4:00pm-5:30pm i have a vocal practice for Wildside in the Office

(NOTE: ALL DROOPY VOCALIST i will drive you to MISSION MALL, but get picked up around 9:15ish from the Cheese Cake Factory.)

6:00pm - All Droopy's Black and White/Black and Gold all meet at the food court AT MISSION MALL to EAT together
(NOTE: I will be eating at "Great Steak and Potato Company", mmmm mmmmm so good.)

We will then eat for about 30-45 minutes, so bring money for that.

NEEDED: Digital Camera's and the USB Chord that connects your camera to a computer.
(NOTE: Download the pictures that you already have on your Camera and then erase it to make room for tomorrow night, then it will be quicker to download the pictures onto my computer.)

6:45pm We are going to do a Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt
NOTE #1: We can in no way make it obvious that we are doing this or there is the possiblity of getting kicked out.
NOTE #2: The scavenger hunt won't be about the TIME factor of getting it done, it will be about how creative the pictures are so, NO RUNNING
NOTE #3: Any team that gets us kicked out has to pay for DESSERT

8:00pm Be done with the scavenger hunt
8:15pm Go eat Dessert at Cheesecake Factory till about 9 and download picture for myself to judge
So around 9:15pm get picked up the Cheese Cake Factory

All Black and White Droopy boys stay the night at my house again for 8 man HALO and a good Philipino breakfast!!!

(Need another XBOX and need a System Link BOYS)

If you have any Questions Droopy's Call me or Email Me or just Comment

Mall Rat Philipino


kaylarayla said...

Sounds good, but are you taking us from vocals to eat, or are we getting a ride there?

Droopy's said...

i will take all Droopy vocalist to the Mall

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!

I might be going to practice for fun so I may need a ride as well.. See you tomorrow!


Chris.tine said...

I'll be there. and I can bring my camera.