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Goodwill Hunting with the Droopy's

So here is what we did last night with the Droopy's We told all the Droopy's to bring $20 bucks for the night, starting at 6:00pm. We all met at the church and hung out for about 20 minutes. Then we gathered them all up and had them put their names on a piece of paper and placed them in a bowl. Then each person drew a name. Whatever person they drew, they were to spend $10 dollars at Goodwill and would dress them up with the clothes that they bought. Then we went to the Spectrum Mall, parked on the other side of the Mall and walked all the way over to the food court and had a dinner. HHHAAAA the looks of people were awesome!!!

Here was the funny thing, it ended up being a great oppotunity to invite people to church in wierd way. People were wondering what in the world was going on and told them that these were two small groups from church just hanging out and being "silly", i mean that in a manly way. There were a good number of people who asked and said that looks fun i wish i could do that. So it was an easy transitions saying, hey you should get involved, come to church and check it out, however, i did say we don't usually dress like this at church.

And so it was a sweet night for the the Droopy's of just hanging out and building connection. So that's what we did, vote for best dress up. The person who bought the clothes wins, not the one who wore them.

Before Pictures of Black and Gold Droopy's

Before Pictures of Black and White Droopy's

After pictures of all Droopy's Dress-Up

While waiting for Taffy to finish eating the Droopy's decided to play Silent Football in the middle of teh Spectrum.
If you don't know Silent Football You haven't Lived.

Okay so here are the Top 4 Pictures in which You get to vote!!!
Now there were alot of Droopy Dudes dressed in Girl Clothing so i only picked 1 with Girl clothing and pick more of the orginal creative dress ups.
I couldn't put all the Pictures up because some of there just to scary.

This Picture made it for Jord because while he was in the Bathroom he yelled out
"Crap, i can't get this dress off its too TIGHT!!!"

Peanut Head made it because her shirt was just plain ugly.
I still can't believe that someone once paid for that and wore it in real life.

Devon (Now known now as THE GENIE) looked like a genie from ALADDIN.

Well what can say aboout Paige except for look at the ugly cat on her sweater.

Okay so VOTE through the comments
Winner will receive a free dinner or lunch from The Sheep and I.

Goodwill Hunting Philipno


d3v0n said...

paige...i like her outfit, the gloves hat and kitty sweater make it

Kayla.Rae said...

Paige. For sure.

stoop.la.poop said...


tyler said...

either jordan or devon.

bryce said...

i think for sure jordan should win....the dress was hilarious!!

Zach Zeiger said...



Chris.tine said...

Pshhh. Devon all the way!

Princess/ Capitan America said...

ya even though i want to win jordan definatetly won.

Alli Hibb said...

I vote Paige all the way.

PLEASE stop having Droopy fun days while I'm out of town!

poncho said...

Oh no I missed it!!!! But I vote Paige for sure....

heatherleith! said...


i wish i was a droopy.

so much.