"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Top 10's of Camp

Top 10 of Silent Football
10) Jaime address the commissiner in Virus Face
9) Our First Lady Commissioner Nyklynn
8) Jakes cabin attacking the all star game with water guns and balloons
7) Refuge and his passport
6) Tivo Pause, Play the Game, Okay address again
5) Jaime as commissioner addresses the Dictionary of GA
4) The addressing of commissioners through a celebration of a touchdown
3) The Sheep and his Stories of course
2) A new move the SCHOMTIS (Which can only block a Thwack)
1) Our fans who supported the game at ALL-STARS amazing

Top 10 Virus Moments
10) Getting the black team a demotion of points because of bad sportsman like conduct
9) Virus' button up pants
8) Waking up Virus with a big yell when he fell asleep
7) Virus' belly role during a cheer
6) Virus finding out that he is the son of Jamie in Silent football
5) Getting everyone to be yo yo wierdo through out he week
4) Virus Tripping backward pretty hard on his butt during Chapel
3) Virus singing Santa Baby (Best version of it ever)
2) Virus silent Dancing through game announcements
1) Virus Eating pudding

Top 20 Droopy Moments
20) A good representation of Droopy's
19) Devon and Luke owning in Soccar up front
18) Pinata Slicing Shibbly with a Straw
17) The boys just playing Silent foot ball the first night
16) Yelling for the Boys during the soccer tournament
15) Pinata Running for a Pinata in the Trashcan
14) Eating food
13) Julia and Pancho wearing oversized flip flops and shoes
12) Buffalo and Virus Crowd Surfing
11) Me telling Cheddar to climb the 2000 year old tree and the 1000 pines counselors yelling don't climb the tree, and the Taffy yelling Cheddar why are you climbing the tree
10) Waking up the boys by slamming the door 10 times and brushing my teeth really really loudly
9) Winning the dodge game (1 shot kill - oh ya)
8) Lydsey and Julia in Silent football Allstars (The only 2 girls on the team)
7) Cheddar taking out Mim at the end of the tube game
6) Roadrunner diving for the Frisbee in awesome form
5) Virus begging to play in the tube game and just taking everyone out
4) Pancho's Laugh
3) The Boys winning the Soccer Tournament
2) Jedi walking into cabin yelling out "MY POOP WAS GREEN"
1) Prom Picture Pose

Top 5 New Nicknames given out
5) Fart Tart
4) Peanut Head
3) M n M
2) Pinata
1) Reflector

My top 10 of the week (some could repeat from the others)
10) Prayer Chapel early mornings
9) The Jake's Belly Flop
8) Poncho's Laugh
7) The Sheep and Ears giving back to Wildside
6) Domink doing all the pool rec games
5) Duct Ball
4) Virus Tripping
3) All-Star Silent Football
2) Just hanging with the DROOPY's (Love you all)
1) Students Worshiping the Lord with everything they had and nothing being held back

General, High 5, Tiny, Rocket, and all other Droopy's we missed you all

10 Philipino's


kaylarayla said...

Such a fun week...thanks for all you did!

jae.jae said...

wow...Devon's legs are so stinking skinnyyy! lol

Chris.tine said...

Wish I was there!


poncho said...

Wow I am #4! That is exciting...haha, plus I love the nicknames

-peanut head

They make me laugh.

David Hughes said...

someone needs to teach Cheddar "The Pose." That is unbelieveably bad.

also...i very much remember waking up to you with a camera in my face. good to see what it looked like from your angle :)

Carson Leith said...


we need to play silent football again.

I forget what you're like while playing SF.

But if we play, there will be no girl commissioner while i play.

Crazy talk.