"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


One of my Best Friends

Well like everywhere i have been there has been some kind of club or friendship or nickname that has identified who i am in that City or town or whatever. In Cali I believe i am associated with the C-Group Droopy's, HSM and Wildside Music Guy (The funny thing, I'm not even that good, its just the students i am in charge of are really awesomely good), and i think what i mostly known here in Cali for is the Droopy's. However, when i was a Student in College, Liberty University, i was part of some friends that kicked butt in Softball and Flag Football. We actually never won anything, but we always came in 3rd or 4th out of like 12-16 teams. We weren't bad just the other teams had greater talent, but we probably for sure had the most fun!!! I guarantee that. Our name alone for our Softball and Football Team were the Crazy Huevos!!! I am actually writing this blog because one of my best friends who is a Crazy Huevo, i just found out reads this blog and so i just wanted to give out a shout out to him. MATTY MATTY MATTY, this is a picture of some of the Crazy Huevos at his Wedding and some of the Crazy Huevos at mine. By coincidence in both pictures i have an arm around Matty. He is a youth pastor and Virgina for Junior High and he is awesome!!! Blue Ridge Community Church.

Who you hang out with in life will truly build your Character, help make choices, and Journey in life in making an impact for Christ!!!

A greatful Philipino

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