"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


I'DeClair the Dessert

So the other day i went to Claim Jumper with some students to get some dessert, so i asked them what do you want to get? And Poncho said I have had the I'DeClair and it was good. So we got 1 to share for the 6 of us. Let me just say, that you should note to yourself, never let Pancho choose for food because i would like to declare that the I'DeClair was nasty. It was salty, it taseted like egg, and it was just nasty. I don't know what could have been worse, Lea's Poop or the I'DeClair. Anyways, don't get it, its a waste of money. However, everything else at Claim Jumper is awesome!!!

I'DeClair I am Philipino


Kayla.Rae said...

Sickening. My dessert of choice would be the Red Velvet Cupcake, delicious!

Chris.tine said...

That thing was nasty.

I declare that the I'DeClair sucks.

I will not be taking advice from Poncho anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

christine that is so mean...jerk

Anonymous said...

christine that is so mean...jerk

Chris.tine said...

Haha. That was probably Christy (:

I will be taking advice from Christy...just not about food.

stoop.la.poop said...

That darn Pancho..

mainerrr said...

well you finall added me!

thanks taff!