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Summer 07 Band Hell Week

So here is what happened last week!!! Band Hell week. We have 7 HSM bands and 1 and half Wildside Band(s). Each band practice 1 day this past week for 8 hours.

It was a great 8 hours of connecting, jamming, growing together, praying together, building relationships, and a long Lunch. It was a great time for our leaders to lead there bands and build trust with one another and step up even more. It was Awesome!!! It wasn't awesome because of the music they practiced and put together, but the bands becoming more and more as a Band then as individual players.

Some people think i am crazy for having this hell week. however, the question is am I? Ha don't aswer that, but let me ask you this, why is when it comes to sports, musicals, extra curricular activities, and other clubs, and so on we never complain about the practices times, the commitments, the rules, and so on. But when it comes to the leading people to the throne of God at Church, we expect Grace for not coming to practice, coming late, or slacking because our mentality its, OH ITS JUST CHURCH. AHHHHHHHHH. I belive if we are going to truely prepare the hearts of these students we need to start preparing and equiping them now. They are not the future church, they are the Church right now. If we don't teach them to be responsible and be ahead of what is going on, then i believe the church will always be 3 to 4 years behind in what we do
Here are my wonderful bands and there band names that they come up with when we form the team at the beginning of June. AHH love Them!!!

Band Name: Wassup Baby Gull!!!

Band Name: Something Like Yipshaw

Band Name: Poultry Polution

Band Name: Sir DASOD and Lip Gloss Kids

Five O'Clock Shadow

Band Name: Papa Hester's Birdhouse Band

Band Name: WILDSID (Junior Highers)

Band Name: Jaudice

AHHHH LOVE these Kids
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Is the general in the wildside band?

stoop.la.poop said...

No way! I didn't know that!

that's sweet..alright, call me later.

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papa hester's birdhouse band...keepin it oldschool baby :)

oh man...so i'm super stoked for tomorrow...let me know if you need more drivers...we can rack our brains...