"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Worship at Saddleback San Clemente Church

So this weekend we were privedged to lead worship at the San Clemente Saddleback Campus.

This was my Saturday Crew!!!

Sunday Morning Crew!!!

Top 10's of Saddleback San Clemente
10 - Driving the 12 Passenger Van, HA HA HA HA love driving that VAN!!! Also coming in at number 10, Stooplapoop made one of those flip things out of paper where you pick a number and a letter and stuff, i have no idea what crap its called, but the final answer to them was "Your going to marry Virus".

9 - During the message, we were to walk on stage and get ready during the prayer, well during Pastor Rick speaking he started to pray and so we started getting ready on stage. However, there was still another 10 minutes after this prayer and so pretty much this was the wrong time to be on stage. Luckily we were all wearing in Ear Monitors and so we hear Tom Tom speak into the monitors, you are not suppose to be up there yet, you have 4 seconds to get of the stage, it was awesome we all moved like ninjas!!!

8 - Forgetting a keyboard stand for the Keyboard, so we found 2 trashcans and flipped them over to make a stand, however, there was something rotten in it and when we turned it over it made the stage smell like rotten milk. It was nasty.

7 - Doughboy telling Stooplatoop "Get your Hair off me." You had to be there for that one!!!

6 - While Eating Del Taco on Saturday - Everyone pretty much bought a value meal and then after we all done, i asked everyone are you all still hungry, everyone said YES!!! So i bought 10 more chicken soft taco's and some fries and the next day we were all hurting pretty bad. I wanted to go back the next day for lunch, but the band said NO!!!

5 - Poncho forgetting to turn on her ear monitors and singing Hosanna for the offering and wondering why in the world she couldn't hear herself the whole time.

4 - Watching the Jake, Tom, Luke, and Randy in action at San Clemente Campus.

3 - This band that i played with on Sunday is the band that will be playing with Tim Timmons for the Group Conference in FEB, however, i got the chance to play with them to see how they all gel together, and they did of course, AWESOME!!! Proud of those Kids.

2 - Another Awesome Time of Worshiping through music with the San Clemente PEPS.

1 - So i said to the students when we go to Ohio i hope that i can take you to a Cracker Barrel and Virus asks with all seriousness "Where are you going to take us to, Crap in a Barrel". Ya i laughed for about 4 hours.

Honored Philipino


Christine.Marie said...

In the first picture I didn't realize that we were all making stupid faces /:

stoop.la.poop said...

AHH! What an AMAZING weekend!!!!!

i laughed out loud while reading every single one of these...


Randy said...

Dude such a great weekend!! So glad you guys could come down. It was awesome!!! I must say "get your hair off of me" awesome!