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This Past Weekend in HSM and WILDSIDE


Awesome Awesome Awesome this past weekend!!! This Weekend both HSM and Wildside had student choirs which has been pretty new this past year for both ministries. The best part about this weekend was that our HSM students would run over to the Junior High tent and sing with them, and our Junior High would come over and sing with High School tent and sing with us, I was leading HSM this weekend. It worked out this way because Wildside had the majority of their songs in the front of their program, and High School had the majority of their songs in the tail end of program. It had so much energy, and it had so much heart for the Lord in worshiping him through music, AHHH love our students!!!

Let me tell you a "funny" about this weekend. During our 2nd service at 6:30pm on Saturday night, myself, the band, and our High School choir were singing with the Wildside band and choir. Now remember i am leading HSM this weekend, during the 6:30 service, either Wildside went longer in their program of music or our program in High School went faster. Anyways, my drummer, Guzzy, who is in HSM, who wasn't singing with us in the Wildside Tent, because he was sitting through the high school service, like every band student should, not just come and play music. Anyways, we were on the tail end of singing "Came to Rescue" (Hillsong United) and this was Nikki's last song and she decides to vamp on Hosanna at the end because the students in Wildside were worshiping, crap love our students. Anyway, i see Guzzy in the back waving at me, because i am on stage in the choir singing, and see that we need to be on stage in HSM, well i walk off the stage and slowly and quietly and so did the HSM students and hurried up into the other tent. Right as our High School pastor said amen, i happen to walk on stage from the back at that very moment, went and grabbed my guitar and proceeded in leading in worship. The funny thing is i was singing so hard in Wildside that i had a loss my breath for moment, but the ironic thing is, i was about to sing in HSM "Breathing the Breath" from Matt Redman. A FUNNY!!! Anyway, that is what happened. Here are the songs that we did this past weekend starting off our 6 weeks series 40 Days of purpose:


1234 (Fiest) - Great Secular song also great with a Choir, Banjo, acoustic guitar, bass, drum, and Saxophone, yes this past weekend we opened with a Banjo and a Saxophone.
Everything Glorious - (David Crowders) newest CD - Its awesome!!!
Breathing the Breath (Matt Redman)

Hosanna (Hillsong United)

Take it All (Hillsong United)

Yes You have (Leeland)

Tell the World (Hillsong United)

Hosanna (Hillsong United)

Came to my Rescue (Hillsong United)


AHHH Love These KIDS Philipino


maxdoggie said...

Awesome!!! i really wanted to sing last weekend, but i still had a bit of the cold, so my voice sounded really bad at the moment.

Jordan said...

Twas a fantastic weekend!

007 said...

love the drum box!