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This Past Weekend in HSM and WILDSIDE

Zack Led this Weekend in High School
We actually are trying a new thing in HSM where one worship leader leads a series at a time. So Zack lead for three week series on Conflict. We are trying this to bring continuity in our crazy rotation of bands and Worship Leaders.

However, we are heading into a 6 week series, but its too long to be leading all of them so we are spliting this one up. Anyways, the songs this past weekend:

A little Old School - Pour out my Heart - Vineyard
Amazing Love - Passion
Majesty - Delirious
Yes you have - Leeland

I did Wildside this past weekend and it was so celebratory in all services and it was just an awesome time of worship.

What I've Done - Linkon Park - I actually did not sing this or play this at all, it was all the Junior High Dudes and Smitty who lead it and they rock it out and the crowd loved it and therefore the energy of the room was up all night.

Worship Set - All Hillsong UNited
Take it All
From God Above
To the End of the Earth
The Stand

Ahh i can't get enough of the United songs, there very encouraging and easy to learn and easy to teach the junior highers.

Wildside Philipino

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