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David Crowder, Phil Wickham, Myriad

Late Blog

Last Sunday night I was Invited to go to a B-day Party with and old Droopy from 04 Frodo. That kid is awesome!!! Anyways, we went to Rain Forrest Cafe and then went to the Myriad, Phil Wickham, and David Crowder band concert at the House of Blues at Disneyland. The concert was awesome!!! I love David Crowder and Phil Wickham, however, i have never heard of Myriad, but they totally ROCKED.

After the concert Danny was passing out some flyers, and he had 2 passes to meet David Crowder and the boys took a picture with them!!! What a fun night!!!!

Happy B-Day Frodo

Love the Droopy's Philipino


mainerrr said...

im seeing them in boston too!!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! i love that pic of u hugging darth vader.

Brian Forsberg said...

The top photo looks so wrong but is TOO FUNNY!

Leigh Sarti said...

i love The Myriad.

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