"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Sorry I Forgot: HSM and Wildside Music and Thoughts

Zack Lead this weekend one of our High School Staff who is in Charge of REACH!!!
He is awesome!!! He has only been on staff for about 3 months or 4 months. I really don't know. Just recently that's all i know. lol...

Here are the songs he lead with this weekend!!!
Opener to break down walls - Misery Business/Paramore
Rain Down/Delirious
Grace/Phil Wickham
Thank You for hearing me/David Crowder

Nikki and Ryan (High School Students) kinda their first time leading.
They both can sing awesome, but this is my favorite part and that is teaching them how to lead!!! How to engage a crowd, how to paint a picture of who we are singing about and why, and inviting the their friends and congregation to join them. So it was a great learning moment that Worship Leaders need to learn how to talk in a mic and not just fumble through, but practice what they say and even write it out like preacher would write out his notes. Love those 2.

Just a note that as i have observed Wildside this weekend (I was playing drums, i am not that good but still it was fun) I was encouraged from Tim Davis our vocal coach at Saddleback, and mentioned in our staff meeting with Creative Arts that i love how much our Students are worshiping through music, and Tim made a comment that he loved how the students just worship and he said that wouldn't happen unless it was intentional. And so i think to myself even more and pray and hope that i would be even more intentional how these student worship God, not just through music, but with there lives. GOD IS AWESOME!!! So that is question i have been pondering: How am i intentionally teaching these students What, How, Where, When, Who, and Why we Worship?

I don't know how to explain it, but even when Nikki fumbled through her words in trying to engage the crowd, her heart was 150 there, and when they started singing i know that Junior Highers didn't care what she said because the passion she expressed in singing Hosanna i know know brought a huge smile to God and Honor. Ah i am not an emotional dude, but truly to see the Wildsiders sing out and like they did Hosanna and just worship HOLY CRAP!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! I just pray that what they express through song on the weekend they also live their lives with as much passion for him. Anyways that was a tangent. I pray that every junior higher and high schooler would just get it. How awesome God's love is!!! How awesome his Love is for us!!! What he did for us we in essence we don't deserve anything, but Him dieing on the cross he gave us everything.

Anyways here are the songs - Awesome!!! Thank You Lord!!!\
Take it all/United
Stir in Me/Todd Procter
Mighty To Save/United

AHH Philipino love our Students

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Jesus Christ truley is amazing.