"....When you think of what he has done for You is this to much to ask." Romans 12:1


Droopy's 06 and Passion of the Christ

I know that many people have seen this movie and last night i watch the whole thing with my Droopy's 06 boys. I called all my parents of the boys to make sure we had permission to watch this movie because it is rated R, and you know its rated R for the graphic scenes in what Christ did for us. If you haven't seen this movie in a while watch it. We have to be reminded in what Christ has done for us and again i will going to quote Romans 1:12b - "When you think of what He has done for you is this to much to ask?" Speficially to live a life of Worship for Him.

And before you do read Hebrews 12:1-4 in the Message Version, NLT Version, and NIV
And Romans 12:1 NLT

When the Movie is Over just pray Thanks

I love My God, I love my Family, I love my Droopys, I love my Band Students Philipino